Sea Stacks

Sea Stacks


Sea Stacks is an Orchestral Indie band from London. Combining strings, woodwind and brass to create euphoric and emotive songs.
It's like Sigur Ros and Efterklang made a bably with Arcade Fire.


Sea Stacks is the creation of Davy Berryman. Combining orchestral instrumentations to create wind and string-strafed indie music that takes influence from Jonsi/Sigur Rós and Sufjan Stevens, amongst others.

Starting in late June 2011 with just a handful of songs and a studio, Davy set out with only one rule, mostly unbroken; that there would be no guitars or pianos used. Seven months, 3 studios, and nearly 40 collaborators later and Sea Stacks was ready.

Live, Sea Stacks perform as an 8-piece, in and around London.


Sea Stacks EP: Feb, 2012.

Upcoming Single: 'The High Tide', due March 2013.