Sea & Sun

Sea & Sun

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Sampledelic pop duo from Barcelona! From pop to disco to tropical! Freeeeeesh!!!!


We start the band during summer of 2010. The idea and the concept of Sea & Sun started drinking some cokes at Nova Mar Bella beach in Barcelona. At the end of that year we released a five tracks demo and we start to make some live shows.

We saw: "Our stuff is liking to the people". COOL. So, let's gone to make an album. A BIG album. We're gonna start a label with a funny name: Lemur Tracks. We love Lemurs.

Now we have the album. It's called "Australia". 12 tracks. A lot of styles, samples and freshness in less than 40 minutes.

Influences: Pop, disco, house, tropical & brazilian music, afro, hip hop and all the good & fresh music in world.

Some bands that we love: The Avalanches, Daft Punk, Super Furry Animals, Beck, JDilla, Flaming Lips, Panda Bear, The Apples In The Stereo, Basement Jaxx...


Sea & Sun - Demo (2010)
Sea & Sun - "Australia" (Lemur Tracks, 2012)

Set List


1. Back Again
2. Super Latin Bros
3. Little Ota
4. Nova Mar Bella
5. All By Myself
6. Modern Town
7. Brasilia
8. Joy Of Youth
9. A Blonde
10. Endless Journey
11. Every Second Counts
12. Homesick Groove