Seawine writes love songs for the ADD generation. Think "The Who Sell Out," but not as pool diving and without commercials. While bands come and go solely on sounds, Seawine stakes the hope on songs. They work just as well with an 12 piece band as with John solo.


John Whitaker writes songs. He likes it. Good times. And he wants to share them with you.

In early 2001, John founded Debauchery Records with his first release, So Foul and Fair a Day. It was an appropriate title for an English major, and it represented his take on the songwriting process. While he thought he was penning purely non-confessional, non-whiney folk songs, albums of influences would reveal themselves in a clever chord change or a heavy hook chorus. John was noticed on the regional music radar.

Wanting to expand the sound of his quirky little tunes, John fronted The Middle Men, a rock and roll quartet. The album Three Short Acts was released in August 2003, and it quickly became a regional favorite, receiving good reviews in a number of national publications.

The boys toured regularly around the Midwest, but alas, it was not meant to be. The four split amicably to pursue other projects, and they played their last show in January 2005 at the first annual Debauchery Holiday Throwdown. Hundreds came out to pay their respects, and it was indeed a fitting send-off.

So now what? John’s still writing songs. Lots of them. And they’re pretty good. His friends like them enough to play on them. The name Seawine is being used. A new album is planned for winter 2006. Things are going well.