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All Music Guide, Alex Henderson,Summer 2005
From country to goth-rock to Mexican bands, most types of music are dominated by vocalists; instrumentalists are as much of a minority in reggae and R&B as they are in Algerian rai music. But there are exceptions to that rule--and new age, like jazz, is an area in which instrumentalists are dominant and vocalists are the minority. Nonetheless, singers have made some noteworthy contributions to new age; Enya is the most famous example, A name to add to that list is Seay, who brings an interesting variety of influences to 1 Voice--influences ranging from Enya to Annie Lennox (who was the lead singer for the Eurythmics before she became a full-time solo artist). Lennox was never new age in the strict sense--she came out of new wave and synth-pop in the early Œ80s but had definite R&B influences--and she isn't a huge influence on Seay's songwriting. But Lennox's vocal style has influenced Seay's phrasing as a vocalist, whereas Seay's songwriting owes a lot more to Enya. Seay, however, isn't an imitator of Enya or anyone else, and she demonstrates that she is her own person on this airy, ethereal, placid, caressing effort. She also demonstrates that she has a healthy appreciation of world music, incorporating elements of Celtic, African and Indian music (that's Indian as in India--not Indian as in Native American). Nothing aggressive or forceful takes place on this 2005 release, which aims to soothe but not in a mindless way. 1 Voice isn't quite as consistent as it could have been, but creatively, there are more hits than misses on this enjoyable disc.
- All Music Guide, Alex Henderson,Summer 2005


Ethereal. That’s the perfect word to describe not only Seay’s voice but her music. Gifted with an amazing near five-octave range, Seay composes pieces that transcend the elements of Tibetan chant, inspirational, and classical new age artistry found in her work. A perfect album to relax with or meditate on, “1 Voice” shows that singular notion of oneness that truly unites all of our spirits. Stunning and special in every sense, this is by far one album you don’t want to miss.
- - J-Sin, May 2005


Sounds From the Ground Up - Mara Applebaum

When I opened this CD’s packaging, something about the woman who calls herself Seay – pronounced “say”- struck me as especially dramatic. . Not only does Seay have the chops to back up her visual presence, she also writes her own compositions and plays nearly all the instruments on this rich layered collection of inspirational songs. The album, which Seay produced begins with the title track, a moving ambient piece that affirms the strength of a single voice. On “Kyrie the Calling” I was struck by Seay’s emotional plea for mercy over the potent drone of the digeridoo.
There is nothing casual or easy about the album 1 Voice, but sometimes this kind of power and complexity is exactly what people are looking for. Suggest this album to customers who want more vigor and passion in their lives.
- The New Age Retailer, Trade Show Issue, Summer 2005


There are CD's... & then there are CD's with full life, & moments that inspire the listener to achieve goals at higher and higher plateaus... Seay's "1 Voice" clearly falls in the inspirational category. That's the only "category" it can be placed in, because her compositions don't "fit" into neat little pigeonholes... She has an elegant vocal style that blends (clearly) musical experiences from all 'round the world into a grand whole that will serve the listener for years & years to come. We have all heard music(s) like this before, but Seay is able to shape and mold her aural visions into sonic sculptures that will carry the beholder through a celebration of spirit seldom done so well. She does all the instrumentation, vocals & keyboards, with guest assists from Scott Hallgren (strings), Jerry Watts (5 string fretless bass) and Jonathan Smith (Digeridoo). VERY impressive work... "1 Voice" gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from us! Get more information at
- Improvijazzation - Rotcod Zzaj, June 2005


As rare and unique as an identical snowflake and more haunting than a scream in space, the voice of Seay brandishes a new talent perhaps heretofore unheard of on this side of the pond. There is finally a voice to give Enya a run for her money. My bets are on the American.

Incorporating Tibetan chant, classical and organic elements, Celtic and inspirational essentials, her new album 1 Voice is truly noteworthy. Seay composed all of the pieces and performs on the twelve tracks along with the help of Jerry Watts on bass, Jules Delgado on various guitars, Jonathan Smith on didgeridoo, and Scott Hallgren on strings. Seay has studied the “power of sound” with noted author Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect) and utilized the theories on this recording. Some of the tracks feature the polysyllabic intonations and breathtaking music combinations made famous by Karl Jenkins and Miriam Stockley. The music almost mesmerizes you with its reverberation. Unwittingly, but not unexpectedly, you become the cobra.

The title track, 1 Voice, is a study in reflective sound. Echoing voice and droning synthesizer combine to make a haunting intro to Seay's compositions. Moreover, the theme that it takes only one voice to make a difference is a timely, positive message. Seay's dulcetly warm voice comes at you from every direction blanketing your spirit with her significant message and creating the rasa effect.

Angelica is an upbeat song that challenges all you know about New Age Music that originates in North America. An incredible piano score and dazzling vocals produce a song of celebration and power. You can easily get caught up in this one and hope that it never ends. It is one of my favorites on the album.

Resonating like a human calliope, Seay breathes life into the powerful song Still. It is a major production of voice, music and sound producing a sweet and sad song. It sounds as if she is confronting the gods of storms and shadows and defying them with her jubilation. Quite the spiritual pick me up.

The artist rest her voice on the beautiful piano piece appropriately called Winter. Gentle orchestration reposes in the background like a white cloak of new fallen snow while the main score whirls about like a wisp of the wind. Red cedar trees genuflect with their fluffy white burdens as the clouds thicken with the promise of more snow to come. I don't know if there is a term in music for onomatopoeia, but this tune sounds like my concept of winter. This is another favorite.

Love is the Ocean appears twice on 1 Voice. On track 2 and as a reprise at the end of the album. Using her distinctive vocals that sound as if they are far way, but right in the back of your mind, Seay sings a sultry ballad of love. A love that is oceans deep. A love that envelopes like an immersion in a warm ocean of love. Other noteworthy cuts are Canon in B, Kyrie The Calling and Siren Song.

Seay has been an international globetrotter as a child and as an adult performer. Recording in Europe as well as the U. S, she has added her talents to both the worlds of music and art. Seay has seemed to capture in her performances the best of all the megacosms of the New Age genres. She originates evocative vocals, lush orchestration, complex themes and intricate compositions. Your spirit will soar with this album. This CD is going on my Top Ten for 2005.

Rating: 5 STARS - Excellent



(5 stars)
Dulcit tones and Seay's ethereal music gives way to a meditative state of mind. The music of 1 Voice takes the listener to deep altered states of awareness, transporting us and calming the mind. Seay has a prolific talent, reaching the ultimate in sensual and evocative musical compositions.



Here’s 1 Voice that sounds like a million. Seay sings with a blend of the deepest parts of Annie Lennox and the sometime haunting breathiness of Enya. Her compositions evoke a mystical experience that measure-by-measure moves mountains inside the listener. Who would have thought to add a dash of didgeridoo to interludes of Vangellis, and then kick back with a Kyrie? Thank you Seay. Your music serves with a much-needed surrender of doing in favor of the ultimate return to soul centered human being-ness. Namaste. - Reviewer: P.A. Albrecht ~ Writer Zone Music


Entitled 1 Voice is both a simple yet profound description of what you are about to hear. This album has an insightful commercial appeal without sounding safe and sanitized, exploring many themes making 1 Voice one of the more unique genre benders of 2005. Seay is a very complete artist with several voices courtesy of producing, composing, playing and singing giving her an enhanced ability to survive in the trendy music business. From that aspect, the album 1 Voice does not accurately describe the multiple gifts and talents this artist possesses, which should give her an even greater opportunity to let her voice be heard. - SOLO PIANO PUBICATIONS -Michael Debbage - Fall 2005



"We were blessed with the exalted voice of newcomer Seay this year(2005). Her album 1 Voice is a wondrous blend of organic and Celtic elements that produces some truly delightful music. There are songs for our every mood and our many dreams. We await her next album with true anticipation."



Seay “1 Voice”

After listening to a couple of the tracks on the album I realized I was in for something special. Song three blew me away and from then on it was a special listening experience. Reminiscent of Enya, the singer Seay [pronounced 'Say'] offers a wider range and more flexibility than that artist.
Seay has a vast musical background as well as lots of life experience and has seen lands overseas. This rich experience with a foundation in the Classical and Operatic as well as vast piano expertise makes for a most unique album. The songs are magical and the vocals of this lady range from dreamy, powerful, mystical, and sweet. Of course there's tons of talent {and experience] on the CD, from instrumentation to engineering to production. One quick example is solid LA vet bassist Jerry Watts. The album has tons of vocals, lots of textures, layering, effects, and a lush rich sense. Magic was what J felt. But beyond that feeling is a solid dose of spirituality and connectedness. There's a semi-cover of the
'Kyrie' with "Kyrie The Calling." I felt good listening to this work. While it falls roughly into the 'New Age' genre and clearly in the 'Vocal' category, it is simply THE BEST vocal New Age album I have ever heard-- be that from a male or female. "Love is the Ocean" and "Angelica" are two tunes that like some of Enya's stuff could easily get pop airplay. Clearly SEAY has one of the best female vocals around--J don't mean in the U.S. or in New Age, but in any style and in any place. Her voice is a musical instrument. I'd love to hear her sing with less synth and effects and more acoustic backgrounds. I think she could sing all kinds of styles and leave her unique vocal imprint on our ears.
There's almost something for everyone on the album. Some big dramatic songs, some
more towards the imaginative, others are slower and more pensive. But all are great and highlight a fine talent. Do yourself a favor and get a copy of this AWESOME CD. Clearly some of the best vocal work you'll ever hear. Highly, highly recommended.
- Armando Canales, "The Critical Review"


1 Voice - June 2005 Tuscan Sun
1 Voice Special Edition EP - Jan 2006 Tuscan Sun

on Regular, Satellite and Internet Radio
1 Voice is playing on 200+ stations

April 2006-Current
Heavy Rotation on XM's HD Surround
Finetuning Channel 76,
Pops 114
Audio Visions Channel 77

Music Choice, Soundscapes
Week ending July 22,2006
#7 in Top Ten

Sirius - Spa 73

#19 Top 100 2005 Radio
#12 Solo Piano Pubications 2005
#6 Best Vocal Album 2005 New Age reporter
Top 10 2005 New Age Reporter

1 Voice debuted at #7 on the NewAge Reporter, the World Ambient, New Age Chart and has spent 8 months on the charts 2 months in the Top Ten.

1 Voice is playing on Satellite and regular Radio stations across the US and Canada, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Japan, plus featured on several Internet listening places on Live 365: Mystic Soundscapes and Circle Of Souls Radio.

Seay and selections from 1 Voice are a regular addition to the nationally syndicated program Soundscapes from Music Choice. Seay and 1 Voice have also been featured on XM Satellite as The Best Music This Week, Ranked #7 on Music Choice and are currently in heavy rotation on XM's HD Surround Finetuning Channel 76

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“As rare and unique as an identical snowflake, and more haunting than a scream in space…”, evocative and visionary, are but some of the descriptions that makeup, the remarkable voice and mystique of Seay. Blessed with many gifts, Seay (pronounced say) is one of the prolific talents of her time. She is a Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Producer, and Visual Artist. Her voice can be heard on records in Europe and America and recently her retrospective of music’s pioneers: “The Power Of Sound” at Dreamworks Universal and The Songwriters Guild in Nashville. Raised in a Renaissance environment, her parents encouraged her artistic and musical pursuits with a liberal arts education and studies in voice and piano. Seay studied voice with renowned voice coaches Helena Shenel, Seth Riggs and Ray Hyson. Though American born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, her early childhood years were spent in the army, which led her to Korea and Japan, and later graduate studies in Spain and at the prestigious Sotheby’s Art Institute, in London. “I've been blessed to have lived and worked in other parts of the world which has given me a unique perspective." It was while living in London that her voice and songwriting got noticed, and her music career began, singing on demos, records and projects for Publishing houses, Producers and Recording Artists in London’s music scene.

Considered incredibly unique by Nashville's standards her place of residence for the last several years, her Engineer Don Scott Hare (Shania Twain, Joe Diffie, Reba MacIntire) says, “Imagine a great songwriter, throw in a unique and interesting sound and you have a very special artist. Respected music journalist, RJ Lannan and The New Age Reporter named Seay and her debut release, 1 Voice “One Of The Top Ten Releases for 2005. "We were blessed with the exalted voice of newcomer Seay this year (2005). Her album 1 Voice is a wondrous blend of organic and Celtic elements that produces some truly delightful music."
Seay and 1 Voice, her first release, under the Tuscan Sun label, are riding the waves of critical acclaim and finding a universal listening audience. Released in 2005, 1 Voice debuted at #7 on the New Age Reporter, the World New Age Chart, spending 8 months, 2 months in the top 10, and finishing at #19 Top 100 for 2005, 1 Voice is playing on Satellite and regular Radio stations across the US and Canada, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Japan, plus featured on several Internet listening places on Live 365: Mystic Soundscapes and Circle Of Souls Radio. Seay and selections from 1 Voice are a regular addition to the nationally syndicated program “Soundscapes” from Music Choice,. Seay and 1 Voice have also been featured on XM Satellite as ”The Best Music This Week" and are now in heavy rotation on XM’s all new HD Surround in 5.1.

Three years in the making, incorporating Tibetan Chant, Classical and Organic elements plus Celtic and inspirational essentials, 1 Voice is an elegant production of voice music and sound. Seay composed all of the pieces and some of the songs feature up to 84 tracks of vocals (none of them sampled) evidencing amazing pitch and timbre control. “This project 1 Voice, has been a journey exploring the use of my voice and writing in an unconventional way. It began studying with renowned author of “The Mozart Effect” Don Campbell, but It was the loss of a musician friend, to a Brainstem Stroke that became the catalyst to do something with music to inspire and uplift people. 1 Voice is a captivating release and showcase for Seay’s unique, distinct and rich voice. Filled with lush orchestration, elegant pianos, world rhythms and Seay’s dazzling vocals, 1 Voice is an unparalleled listening experience.

Most of the vocal work was done in Nashville with Engineer Don Scott Hare, with the final mixing in Stereo and 5.1 done in Burbank, CA at Palette Studios with veteran Engineer/Producer Jeff Silverman. 1 Voice also features a wonderful quartet of musicians, LA veteran Bassist Jerry Watts, and Nashville Guitarist Jules Delgado, String Arranger Scott W. Hallgren and Digeridooist Jonathan Smith.

Recently Seay has moved into the world of Film and her music will be featured 2 upcoming short films: “Black Tear” airing on Blip TV and “Gracie” scored with Scott W. Hallgren and directed by Jeff Wedding. Seay is also at work on her second project, “In The Garden” slated for release in 2007.

Seay contiues to make her home in Nashville, along with her husband inspirational writer Jules Delgado. She enjoys travel and all things Tuscan and Spanish inspired, scuba diving, hiking in New Mexico, gardening, and Sushi! Visit and hear the evocative voice of Seay at