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Seazon All

 Orlando, Florida, USA
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A super duper cool robot and a fly hip-hop honey were poppin' ectasy at a party then did the nasty together and gave birth to a soulful extra-terrestrial rapper boy complete with reproductive abilities and the capability to seem human... Enjoy!


Seazon All is a Hip-Hop recording artist whose sound blends the passion of old school soul and the excitement and energy of new school pop with the edge of Down South rap music. His lyrical finesse and intelligent manipulation of the English language provides a listening experience that is not only entertaining, but also enlightening. The emotion in his voice is a clear sign that his rhymes are sincere, while his impeccable delivery adds to the potency of his content. Open your ears and let them become a boulevard to your heart as the sounds of Seazon All leave you dancing, laughing, loving, and growing.


Black Man

Written By: SeAzOn ALL


I'm not a nigga no. I'm a black man/
I've got the pride of Claude McKay. I'm a black man/
I've got the courage of MLK. I'm a black man/
The voice of Sojourner Truth. I'm a black man/
I'm not a nigga no. I'm a black man/
I've got the strength of my mama. I'm a black man/
I've got the heart of my daddy. I'm a black man/
I'm in the image of my God. I'm a black man/

***Verse 1***
It's like I'm stuck in a bad dream and can't wake up of it/
Nobody hears my screams no matter how loud get/
I've been taken over by some cat I don't know/
He came and stole my body, infiltrated my soul/
So I'll stand on this railroad. Here comes the locomotive/
I'm 'bout to kill this nigga. I'm unsure of my motive/
Just know I want him gone. I want the nigga out my life/
'Cuz everytime a nigga speaks it gives another nigga life/
And another born is just an addition to our plight/
The plight of our human race people red, yellow, black, and white/
So it's not enough to kill just my nigga. I want a genocide/
Black people we're lions let's take the nigga out the pride/
'Cuz everytime it rolls off our tongue we're stabbing in the back/
The brothers and sisters who fought so free could connect to black/
We've bound ourselves in chains man and nigga's just one of the links/
I can't break it on my own. I'm strong but need power of we/
But too many of we have decided that nigga should be/
Every black man's name. The black man's I.D./
So I write this rhyme in red ink, dip my pen in the Dead Sea/
Spill blood on my pad to kill the nigga that's been killing me/


***Verse 2***
See I'm gon' write this verse on envelopes so I can address/
All the niggas that make a nest and fly out of white breath/
This type of halitosis no amount of Scope or Crest/
Gon' ever make a difference 'cuz the problem rests beneath the breast/
It's within the heart of every bigot, every racist person/
Within the spirit of everybody who don't know for certain/
That we're all a child of God, we're all created equal/
That we are Watu Moja. That means we're One People/
So white man white man let me tell you this/
You're still my brother even though color is of a different mix/
And I'm gonna love you whether or not you ever give a spit if/
I laugh or cry, I live or die when you verbally crack your whip/
And black man black man let me say to you/
Just keep your cool when a white spits a nigga at you/
Don't let it light your fuse. Just let it roll right off your back/
Smile at 'em kindly and pray they find the sense they lack/
'Cuz if you let that nigga make you bleed you help that nigga breathe/
And you make that man bleed you become the nigga he wants to see/
So I write this rhyme in red ink, dip my pen in the Dead Sea/
Spill blood on my pad to kill the nigga that's been killing me/



Written By: SeAzOn ALL

***Verse 1***
Six million ways to die I choose none/
I’m a soldier, a warrior and I don’t need a gun/
To murder cats. I’m strapped with fire tracks/
Spit hot like rat-tat-tat. Flat line naw never that/
‘Cuz I’ma live forever. My life is an eternal endeavor/
I’m hot like Florida summers in a Bill Cosby sweater/
Stay on my grind like 24-7/
With skills like mine man I’m bout to be a legend/
And legends don’t die/
Though their flesh turns to dust their memory stays alive/
So I’m gon’ everlast through these rhymes/
Try to forget me dog, but it’s a waste of your time/
I’m a lyrical wine getting better with time/
Homie step in my head to find a sublime mind/
On a scale of one to ten I’m an easy 99/
Jesus is gonna return and I’ma still be droppin’ lines; Eternal/

Even when my heart comes to cease/
I’ma live forever through these beats/
Even when my heart comes to cease/
I’ma live forever through these beats/
Even when my heart comes to cease/
I’ma live forever through these beats/
Even when my heart comes to cease/
I’ma live forever through these beats/

***Verse 2***
Six million ways to die I choose none/
Equipped with the blessings of the Father, Ghost, and Son/
Who you know that can beat the Trinity/
My success it’s a matter of divinity/
You feelin’ me? And I ain’t gonna have no sympathy/
For people who try to be down after I get my money/
Punch lines like Sonny Liston to get ‘em listenin’/
They wonder who will be the lucky label to commission him/
I know ya’ll love to hear me flow on every B.P.M./
My voice will resonate on through the next millennium/
Future archaeologists be diggin’ up my CD then/
A plethora of sapiens be SeAzOn ALL historians/
And Universities add Hip Hop Philosophy/
Following the magnum opus writings of my lyric sheets/
Astronauts will then travel to other galaxies/
To lift up the name and the music of the eternal me; Eternal/

***Verse 3***
Six million ways to die I choose zero/
Do it like Common and make a song for the people/
They try’na find forever sittin’ looking through a peephole/
When they could have easily found it in me the new primo/
If you don’t feel me homie you can cut me off/
But I’ma keep on pushin’ it to the limit like Ricky Ross/
I’ma legend in the making that’s more than small talk/
More than ya’ll bargained for SeAzOn ALL. I’m eternal/
--------- BREAK ---------
Make good music that’s my plan of action/
While holding on tight to the sounds of blackness/
Mind, body, soul N*SYNC like Chris Kirkpatrick/
Bring pleasure to your ears no need for prophylactics/
I got two things certain that’s success and taxes/
Drop the world on my back like my name was Atlas/
And I’ll carry it forever with no signs of weakness/
When I’m six deep don’t weep. Repeat this/

Six million ways to die I choose none/

Six million ways to die I choose none/

Six million ways to die I choose none/

Six million ways to die I choose none/


Get Like Me w/ An Introduction to Sunshine

Written By: K "SeAzOn ALL" Lewis; M Serrin

You can't see you can't be half of half of half of me...

Verse: 1
Can't nobody stop me I'm a true blue hustla/
Try to block me from where I goin' man I'll straight muscle ya/
Out of my way now you're out of my view/
I'm seein' stacks on the horizon no time to bother with you/
I'm bout my bread. I'm about cash/
If you ain't 'bout that well you can kiss my money bags/
I'm on my way to riches. I'm sayin' bye to rags/
In line I'm next on tracks I'm bad. (Who's bad?) I'm bad/
When I spit I'm showin' out/
Yeah some lames gon' try to hate like Luda I say blow it out/
Now they're havin' a debate say we ain't spittin in the South/
Well if that's the case you must not hear what's comin' out my mouth. I'm the South so kill them doubts/
I be rappin' away. No time for takin' no breaks/
Twenty-four hours, shoot, that ain't enough in a day/
So I don't sleep 'cuz them my name would be wastin' away/
And time is money so sleepers be throwin' money away/

Get like me. If you're try'na get some paper you should/
Get like me. Like a champ is how I play it homie/
Get like me. I don't mean to brag so blame it on my swag/
If I want it I got it it's in the bag. Get like me/

Verse 2:
Hey I need an interview. Ask me a question/
(You think you're next to blow?) I know it with no question/
And when I do all the doubters I will hush them/
Treat them like some waves on my head and simply brush them/
See you're rockin' with the best kept secret/
I can do it all bruh I have no weakness/
You can call me c**ky. I won't even disagree/
But you wouldn't be sayin' that if you were talented as me/
Hey, so don't hate the playa hate the game/
Don't hate me hate yourself for bein' lame/
Ya'll suckas think ya'll big time went and got a chain/
You need to pawn it in and try to buy a workin' brain/
'Cuz everyday dummies swear they're rap star trap stars/
You're really gon' be spittin' and your crack gon' have some battle scars/
Locked up with dealers, killers, real life criminals/
You was try'na play a role. See where fakin's gettin' ya/


You can't see/
You can't be/
Half of half of half of me/
You can't see/
You can't be/
Half of half of half of me/
(Continues through hook)


You can't see/
You can't be/
Half of half of half of me/
Spit like me/
Make love like me/
You can't get like me/
You can't get like me/

One Night

Written By: K "SeAzOn ALL" Lewis

You know um. I was thinking, you know. Maybe we can take this back to my place.

Verse 1:
Hey let me tell you all tell you all the things I wanna do to you/
I'll give your body the business gotcha sayin'/
ooh ooh/
Hey truth be told Halle Berry ain't got nothin' on you/
Voodoo that thing you do/
Come be my honey. I'll be Winnie the Pooh/
I'll kiss it, then lick it/
Then stick it (ooh don't quit)/
Hey I know you like that shawtay/
Nice by day by night I'm naughtay/
And how you want it babygirl just ask me/
Your test clean? Well I be nasty/
Ready for the ride of your life get strapped in/
I'm all up in your guts beat it up with passion/
You make me wanna make time stop passin'/
You in your birthday suit, now that's fashion/

I'm yours just one night hey (baby)/
You're mine just one night yea (baby)/
Together one night so (baby)/
Make the most of this one night yea (my baby)/
You're mine just one night hey (baby)/
I'm yours just one night yea (baby)
Together one night so (baby)/
Make the most of this one night yea (my baby)

Verse 2:
Girl you're so sexy look at that booty/
Got my appetite goin' like Ruby Tuesday/
Through Monday you'll be oozin'/
Keep it so wet that you can say I'm cruisin'/
Tonight you know it's all about you and/
I might just make you wanna come move in/
I'd like to record for future viewin'/
Sike... unless you gon' do it/
See I never met a lady who could move that way/
I'm workin' with a monster but you take it so brave/
And fall in love mama you just may/
But I gotta let you know that this a one night stay/
So when the sun comes up baby you gon' ride/
Me one mo' time then ride out/
To whatever place you reside/
But you'll never forget the night that I got inside/


Verse 3:
The lights are low/
The mood is right/
I'll take you higher/
'Cuz I'm way mo' fly/
You're breathin' heavy/
I can hear the sound/
I know you're ready/
I'm bout to beat it on beat it on beat it on/
See right now it's just me and you one and two/
Let me help me out them panty draws my baby boo/
We about to set the sheets on fire/
With one night of desire/



Written By: K. "SeAzOn ALL" Lewis

Verse 1:
Interplanetary erotica yes it sounds crazy./
I know ‘cuz everyone I tell they talk about you slay me/
When ain’t a ‘cot dern thang even funny./
People clownin’ while I talk about my space age honey./
But I know without a doubt that my encounter was legit/
‘Cuz Earth just don’t make women like this./
Talk mess though. I ain’t studdin’ ya’ll jits./
Ya’ll just mad ‘cuz E.T. ain’t phonin’ home fa’ yo’ stick./
Oh but she sho’ got mine./
She got something’ else too. She got my mind/
‘Cuz the only thing I can think about since that day/
Is how she put me on that spaceship and too k me/
Up up up and away./
You shoulda seen it. Watch the satellite tape./
Gon’ call N-A-S-A./
I gotta go get fly for my date in space./

Shawty took me away./
Far away from here./
Beyond the atmosphere./
To a place I’ve never known./

Verse 2:
Hey miss lady/
You leave me with stars in my eyes./
And I hope you don’t mind/
But I’ve got some thangs I need to confide./
Like this my first time./
Well with someone from yo’ neck of the woods./
And how many times/
Have you been ‘round my neck of the hood hey./


I’m star struck/
Just lookin’ at the way she moves./
She leaves me mystified./
She’s mysterious like the dark side of the moon./

Verse 3:
I don’t know about her chromosomes/
And she won’t let me take no pictures./
Hips in orbit Lord she turns me on./
We eclipse the sun when I kiss her./
Her milky ways I view/
And ooh it drives me wild./
Once she’s got her eye on you/
Resistance is futile./
Resistance is futile./
Resistance is futile./


Minstrel Show

Written By: K. "SeAzOn ALL" Lewis

Verse 1:
Check it. Time is of the essence./
The present. It’ll leave me in a second./
I’m dissipatin’. Watch me fade like evanescence./
I die but gain life by killin’ time on this record./
See all my life I had to fight/
To keep my spirit in the right/
Place to displace hate and taste faith/
Even when my palate was boint up by the hot plate./
But at any time at any junction/
The Devil’ll step to me. Try me like a punk son./
The Devil revel adding’ dys to my function./
The Devil bezelled out. With every sin bruh his check come./
But real talk that ain’t the check I want my signature on though./
A black face on the stage the crowd lookin’ like/
See that nigger jig yo it’s funny watch him jig yo./
Shoot. Won’t be me. I’m not your minstrel show./

I hustle (I Hustle). I grind (and I grind)/
And just like you I’ve got my money on my mind (I’ve got my money on my mind)./
But I won’t let the money make me blind (won’t let the money make me blind)./
Got too much pride to have a hand up my behind (it won’t me be)./

Verse 2:
Oh Geppetto I wish I was a real boy/
With my own mind and emotions I could deploy./
So when the terrorists attack imagination/
I can declare war. Prepare for annihilation./
But you can call me a dreamer/
Though I chase after that dream with all the strength up in my femurs/
‘Cuz wearin’ strings gets ya Benzes and Beamers./
So string me up and ask me ‘bout Unique’a. Never seen her./
But it’s a shame that all the artistry is gone./
Somebody comes with something’ fresh but grows a bunch of clones/
That follow tomorrow with hollow ambition./
As we swallow the load somebody piggy bank is fillin’./
Oh no. We’ve got an imitation overload./
I’m foamin’ at the mouth from imitation overdose./
Po’ Sambo rap me another verse./
And Aunt Jemima sang the hook. We’ve got a hit but what’s that worth./


Verse 3:
So I guess this makes me the witch up on the broom/
‘Cuz I’m sweepin’ all the dirt into the center of the room./
You can almost smell the toil and the trouble from my brew./
I’ll get you my pretty and your little rappers too./
But here’s something’. Bet my rappin’ doesn’t make the grade./
Hmm F minus. D. Somewhere between that range./
Yeah I figure but any chance of getting’ played?/
Ehh about that naw. You’re a little strange./
So bump this bump truth and bump you/
‘Cuz I’ma bump the beats that bump bump like hearts do./
From now on when I spit I’ma spit it for me/
And give a spit about what anyone thinks/
‘Cuz I’m free… and I’ma do me./



June 2009
Counter Culture, D.C.
1. My Way
2. Just Human
3. She Know
4. Photos (Throw 'Em Away)
5. That's Fine
6. Atmosphere
7. Minstrel Show

July 2008
Black Man Speaks
1. Intro
2. Eternal
3. Hood Love ft. Diza$ta
4. Somethin’ Gotta Shake
5. Keep Hatin’
6. I Wanna Know ft. J.Green
7. One Night
8. Move Yo’ Body ft. Greasy (de Plaga)
9. I’m Great
10. Mind Yo’ Own ft. Fleetwood
11. Get Like Me ft. Michael Serrin (of An Introduction to Sunshine
12. Run Away With Me ft. Fedarro
13. Two Way Street
14. Stop Waitin’
15. Picture Perfect
16. Believe That
17. The Neighborhood
18. Black Man
19. DJ Purfiya Outro

Set List

Number of songs and length of set vary depending on the requirements and/or requests of the engagement. Can fill sets ranging from 10 - 45 minutes.

Sample Set List - Approx. 35 Minutes:
1. This is What I Do
2. That's Fine
3. She Know
4. Bye Bye
5. End of the Earth
6. Minstrel Show
7. Eternal
8. Believe That