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The best kept secret in music


"Brides of Destruction & Sebasrockets Live Review"

"...Sebasrockets (umlauts included) had all the moves and requisite make-up. They warmed the crowd up nicely, with their nasal snarls and glam posturing serving as the perfect hard rock hors doeuvre..." - Beat Magazine - Nick Snelling

"New York Punk and local rock with Adam, bassist in local skintight rockgroup"

If you haven't seen Sebasrockets, you haven't experienced a rock n' roll juggernaut with a difference. Drenched in attitude guaranteed to scare your parents, they've been turning heads with angular, hi-octane punk rock that evokes classic Sunset Strip sleaze and CBGB three-chord rebellion. Yet this ain't no homage; its blistering rock n' roll with three vocalists, one look and an electric vibe straight outta M-Town.

"Our influences are pretty streamlined", says bassist Adam. "We love Melbourne, we love the Australian music scene, but basically we wanna take it overseas. New York City gives a lot of our influences. The New York Dolls, Ramones, Kiss, Blondie, Dead Boys, Dictators and some new bands like the Toilet Boys." Yet from classic vibes, Sebasrockets have forged a sound that's distinctive within the Melbourne music scene, reflecting the band's rock n' roll party ethos. "We're influenced by six things, in each of", says guitarist Kynan. "Impatience, necessity and anger, plus the essential elements of rock n' roll, which are excess, subversiveness and danger". Adam offers a similar perspective. "As long as you're parents don't like it, it's good".

Since forming last year, Sebasrockets have been steadily increasing their audience, gigging relentlessly with their heavily-stylised live show. "For music, Melbourne is one of the best cities in the world", says Adam. "But at the same time, there's subcultures within the scene that don't have relevance they would in a big city like NYC". Kynan agrees. "Yet Melbourne without a doubt has the capabilities of any city producing cutting edge rock n' roll. There's so many bands we love in this town". Yet for a band that melds classic punk influences, Sebasrockets seem unfazed by the current "rock-revival" that gaining so many column inches. "It's a second thought to me", says Kynan. "It's suddenly fashionable to jump on a bandwagon that has been staring us in the face since childhood, or possibly before. But you remain yourself at the end of any cycle". Guitarist Jay offers a no-nonsense perspective. "People see through the shit. People wanna hear something different, everybody wants to have a good time and rock n' roll".

These sentiments burn bright on Sebasrocets' debut single 'Electric Youth'. Featuring four other original tracks, it's a cutting sample of the band's razor riffs and howling vocals. Apart from the breakneck single, the release features the infectious cuts 'Static' and 'Rock Sex Thrills', both of which have garnered an enthusiastic reception at local radio. "We recorded at Hothouse, when we hadn't played a gig at the time", says Adam. "It came out well. We remixed a couple of the new songs and it became a single. It's equivalent to an ultrasound of Sebasrockets". "That's right", laughs Jay. "The baby's coming..." And its gonna be a baby dressed in leopard-print and skin-tight jeans, ready to rock from the womb.

And this Friday in the Espy's Gershwin Room, there's thrills guaranteed as Sebasrockets launch their debut single. "It's basically a night where people can see something original. We're just gonna do what we wanna do", says Adam. "We've got a really cool line-up on the night". The night will feature blistering sets from Ramonesey ladeez The Spazzys and sonicky rocksters Riff Random, while newcomers The Deadthings will open the bill. "All the bands are great, they're doing their own thing", says Kynan. "If you're not at the show, why are you somewhere else?"

Wise words from a high-volume powerhouse that's ready to raise the spirits of '77. Sebasrockets wanna get static with some creative punk rock that fits like a glove. So get down to the Espy for a night that's gonna burn... - Beat Magazine Issue 829

"Enter a day in the life of the excess-fulled Sebasrockets world"

The rowdy, glammed out rockers are intent that the days of angst are long gone; it's time to celebrate youth and dish out the rock in the most extravagant way possible.

For hard rock scoundrels Sebasrockets it's always been a "bang ya head against the wall" type story, whether it's explaining to Gene Simmons (the quintessential promotion mogul) how to pronounce their arguable obscure name, or throwing an explosive live show at an unsuspecting audience. "We cherish the Melbourne circuit though we really don't fit in, but that doesn't bother us. In hindsight bands like us have more opportunities in Japan, Europe and the US." bassist Adam highlights.

The guys take their various influences and inject them with an incredibly youthful, abrasive and energetic edge that leaves music goers buzzing for more. They are striving to resurrect the performance aspect of rock n' roll and bring it back to audiences, as guitarist Kynan O'Meara barks "We just want to give people their money's worth". As a result of this drive crowds can expect to see drummer Rory George using an enormous drum riser whilst the rest of the band let loose with screeching guitars and song-craft based upon teenage trials and tribulations; the band have clear ties with their heroes Motley Crue and Kiss. Yet it is the rawness that Kynan brings "from the gutter" that laces the band's output with an infectious punk attitude and allows Sebasrockets to sound fresh and original.

Last year the band began recording an EP follow-up to the well received high octane single 'Electric Youth', which blossomed into their yet to be released debut album. As Adam reflects: "it started out as en EP but some people got on board and encouraged us to do an album".

"We had a wealth of material, it was just a money issue," Rory interjects. With the band gorwing together over the better part of three years due to countless gigs at Melbourne's live staples such as The Tote, Espy and Corner Hotel, the time has arrived for Sebasrockets to take their vehicle of rock n' roll debauchery interstate, with gigs coming up in all major capital cities and, as Kynan eloquently explains, they feel that they've paid their dues "and are ready to take things to the next level".

With the announcement of their first national tour and October release of their tentatively titled 'Strung out i the City' debut album, it's the chance to offer a warm Australian welcome to one of their heroes that has the band primed for attack; the guys will be supporting Nikki Sixx's new project 'Brides of Destruction'. Yet instead of getting their knickers in a knot the boys are extremely keen to prove it's their turn. Willing to pay homage to Mr. Sixx for everything he did with super-group Motley Crue, it is business as usual and as guitarist Jay Mahar puts it, they "feel privileged to be playing with Nikki and Tracii (LA Guns), but when we hit that stage we'll be focused on our show and making sure we deliver the goods!" - Beat Magazine, Issue 922, August 4th 2004


Sebasrockets have only just released their debut long player and already have a reputation for being the sleaziest guys in rock. Which really can only be a good thing. There is nothing worse than a holier than thou band.

Sebasrockets are from Melbourne and have already been on the road with Nikki Sixx (Motely Crue). Want more? Well Sebasrockets are LA style glam rockers that pick up where Motley Crue and the 80s left off. Ohhh and get this - their songs actually contain real rock lyrics, guitar solos and a whole load of noise.

Sebasrockets are probably very serious about their music, and probably spent a lot of time writing, recording and perfecting these ten tracks. But their album feels like the boys got together, got drunk, smoked a few bongs and passed out. Then woke up, rolled out of bed and recorded an album...just for something to do that day. That is just the point. The whole album reeks of unbridled talent and having a freakin' good time.

'Downtime' is probably the most commercial of the lot. Even played out of tiny little computer speakers it makes you wanna rip off your shirt and star-jump. While 'Rocketzone' is as 80s as it gets. Power chords, solos, fast (centrepiece) drums and screaming vocals - yesterday's sounds tomorrow. - Inpress Reviews - Catherine Hogan February 2005


Sebasrockets Self Titled 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Inspired by tough guy, chick-lookin' dudes such as Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Turbo Negro and The New York Dolls (timeless legends in glam and sleaze, immortalized in their own rock n roll filth!). Sebasrockets are the Champions of debauchery, the princes of punce and the best sleaze-rock band in the land!

As the kings of a scene ready to explode, Sebasrockets are set to storm the sleaze-rock world! Already boasting a huge underground following in the inner city slums of Melbourne, these dolled up dudes will be prancing and pouting across Australia in 2005 on a decadent demolition of venues, parties and groupies alike!

Every moral citizen’s worst nightmare.