Sebastian Fleet

Sebastian Fleet


If I was in an elevator, I'd probably just nod and smile and ask, How're you doing? You'd tell me about yourself and maybe you'd ask about me. I'd say I'm playing down the road tonight. Come and have a listen. I wouldn't push it. Good music has a natural drift.


A complex, quasi-nomadic, introverted musical sponge who likes to make fokl music (or messed up folk).
Love the guitar work of Robert Belfour, John Fahey, Lenny Breau, Bill Frisell and the songwriting of Julie Doiron, Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters) and Ryan Adams. Then there's Bach too. So much good stuff. Makes one strive.


SUN 7" - Sebastian Fleet + Count Oak (Kingfisher Bluez)
O Sun of Muddled Mind and Distant Space (coming soon)
Thomas Parks' Last Day of Work. (self-released while working at a cemetery).