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"Secada Takes over the Triangle!"

Storming into your nearest club, bar, or even coffee shop, Secada is no newcomer to the Triangle’s music scene. Back in 2004 lead singer Erika and drummer Jim started a dream- a band that played music “for the people, not the agencies”. In 2005 Dan joined in with nothing but a “guitar and a smile on his face”, and helped Jim and Erika focus on the band aspect; they started writing actual songs instead of goofing with rifts. With this influence, the real music making started in 2006, when the original three teamed up with Jessica Caesar (Dead to Society), Brandon Wilson, and Christian Cox; each of these people leaving some legacy and influence behind on the music that Secada now plays. Recently however, they have taken on Enloe’s very own Kenny Kaval, the bassist, also known as “Stinky”.
Also taking influence from main-stream artist, Secada’s favorites are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Sour, and even Johnny Cash. A few of the things they wish to do with these influences is to “get songs to be even more diverse and stretch boundaries”. It’s easy to see how they stay away from the range of labels, with influences from such versatile a range of mentors.
Labeling themselves as “Alternative grunge rock”, the Secada kids are rocking around Raleigh, and even neighboring cities to bring their fans real music. Their latest concert was the Anti-Valentine’s Day concert in Greensboro, with bands fronted by females only. Among the many other metal bands filled with screeching and screaming women, Secada stood out with Erika’s deep and soulful, non-screaming voice, staying true to their motto, “Keeping alternative rock alive!”
When looking around the smoke filled bars that Secada generally gets gigs in, it was easy to see just how many people had turned out to see their favorite band. The drums were done up with Erika’s designs of flowers and the hard-edged Secada logo. There were numerous fans dancing and singing along to the words, and the cheers erupted when the beginning riff for “Conversations”, a song helped along by former band members Brandon Wilson and Christian Cox, busted forth from Erika’s guitar. “This is gotta be our most popular song” said singer Erika. According to the amount of screams and cheers, it seems she’s right. After the show, a fan came running up telling her, “You are one awesome front lady!”
Always on the look out for new, loving fans to bring their music to, check out Secada at
- Maddie Cadwell


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Secada began with a few kids and a dream. In 2005 Dan began playing as a second guitarist with Erika and Jim who had already been jamming together. We started listening to each other's favorite music and partaking in extended jam sessions in which we would improvise. From there we played with several random friends and musicians until we created Secada. Through plenty of discussions with musicians and listening to various genres, we create our music through our deepest emotions and our favorite sounds and vibes. We've listen to jazz, reggae, R&B, grunge, heavy metal, blues, latin music, Motown, indie, rap and pop. Everything has left at least a small mark on us. We consider ourselves a rock band, although we play songs that are heavy, soft and melodic and funky. Some of our favorite bands right now are Incubus, Stone Sour, Tool, Allman Brothers and Slipknot.
We consist of strong cultural diversity within the band, adding to our uniqueness. With a heavy metal drummer, a soulful guitarist, an experimental bassist and a rock 'n roll female singer/guitarist, Secada is a rock band that is liberal in influences and abilities.