We play with passion and energy. Secada is a rock band that writes from the heart and plays for anyone. We love trying new things, connecting with fans and listening to new music. We are diverse and unique in all aspects.


Secada began with a few kids and a dream. In 2005 Dan began playing as a second guitarist with Erika and Jim who had already been jamming together. We started listening to each other's favorite music and partaking in extended jam sessions in which we would improvise. From there we played with several random friends and musicians until we created Secada. Through plenty of discussions with musicians and listening to various genres, we create our music through our deepest emotions and our favorite sounds and vibes. We've listen to jazz, reggae, R&B, grunge, heavy metal, blues, latin music, Motown, indie, rap and pop. Everything has left at least a small mark on us. We consider ourselves a rock band, although we play songs that are heavy, soft and melodic and funky. Some of our favorite bands right now are Incubus, Stone Sour, Tool, Allman Brothers and Slipknot.
We consist of strong cultural diversity within the band, adding to our uniqueness. With a heavy metal drummer, a soulful guitarist, an experimental bassist and a rock 'n roll female singer/guitarist, Secada is a rock band that is liberal in influences and abilities.


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Set List

Our sets can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Original Songs:
1) Awakening
2)Heart of a Broken Man
3)Little Sister
4)Her Way
6)Crazy World
7)Family Deranged
8)My Ship has Sailed
9)Open Wide
10) Just Curious
11) Child of the Night
12)Glory and the Fame
13) End of the Beginning
14) What Makes Me
15) Words In The Way

Learn to Fly by the Foo Fighters
Can't Stop by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Call Me by Blondie