Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

Authentic, honest lyricism.


Who is Sechion? Pronounced \se-shen\  an artist out of Lowell, Massachusetts he gives you an authentic point of view of one growing up in the burgeoning city. His emotional lyricism and unique rhyme scheme can be heard throughout his songs. In a day an age where fans can become slaves to perception, Sechion brings you in, unadulterated and unfazed by his vulnerability; his story telling capability accompanied with genre blurring production puts you directly in the driver seat as he weaves through his personal trials and tribulations. 

Credited for bringing attention to the growing hip hop culture being cultivated in Lowell, Sechion is also the founder of the City Love Tour. A annual summer concert series done exclusively in his hometown putting together a mix of genres on one bill from funk, to electronic, to r&b and of course hip hop to name a few. Giving the audience an opportunity to discover new music and for artist, some early in their respective careers, a chance to connect with fans plus a platform to perfect his or her's own craft. 

Along with strong performances in and out of the Greater Boston area, Sechion has been busy over the past few months releasing solid singles including his break out hit "Mill Side" an anthem dedicated to Lowell. All leading up to his debut EP set for an early 2016 release date. With a strong live show, true to life visuals and music which showcases his growth, Sechion is setting himself apart as a premier rising talent in New England. Stay tuned.