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On Our Radar: Sechion – Hard In The Paint Music

Last but not least in our The Plug roundup of our On Our Radar series, it’s time to feature Sechion who is based out of Lowell, MA. While folks on the north side of the city have been up on Sechion for a minute now, his name is starting to garner more attention in Boston thanks to a series of strong live performances on his City Love Tour 2 and impressive singles.

Exclusive Interview: Sechion talks "Mill Side", City Love Tour & More – Hard In The Paint Music

With our live showcase The Plug almost a week away, it’s a great time to get familiar with one of the acts that will be performing, Sechion. The Lowell, MA representative might not be on your radar yet, but he’s an artist to keep your eye on.

Thanks to his hometown ode “Mill Side”and his own curated City Love Tour 2, he’s taking the right steps and building fans organically. With a great deal of support from his hometown, he’s looking to use some of that momentum and further insert himself into the Boston hip-hop community. There’s no doubt that he will do that on September 24th, when he hits the stage at Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA with Merk, Tashawn Taylor, and Hil Holla.

I recently sat down with Sechion at Mass Apparel and talked to him about “Mill Side,” his summer tour, building Lowell’s hip-hop scene, his upcoming project, and much more. You can watch the interview below. Don’t forget to catch his performance at The Plug next week.

Sechion - Little Things – Hard In The Paint Music

Later this month (September 24th), we’re delivering the second installment of our new showcase series called The Plug One of the artists that will take stage at Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA on September 24th is Lowell’s Sechion. The Mill Side rep isn’t too far removed from a string of live performances at various venues in his hometown over the past couple of months. This combined with his best single to date in “Mill Side” has the upcomer bringing in new listeners and grabbing attention from media platforms including us here at HITP. He’s still a relatively new artist to myself, but I like what I’ve heard so far and look forward to seeing what energy he brings to The Plug.

Today, he pushes forward with new track “Little Things.” It features production by DJ Robotnik and Lil Rich, the duo who are also responsible for the production on “Mill Side.” Once again they lace Sechion with a soulful sampled backing that allows him to flourish and set the tone for his personal, introspective, and reflective verses that are connected by a quality smoothing melodic hook.

StarrPower : Sechion - Little Things – StarrPower ENT

With his “Mill Side” single still in rotation locally Sechion serves up the feel good tune “Little Things” to close out the summer. Again choosing to work with DJ Robotnik 5000, Sechion uses the laid back sample with heavy production to be thankful for all life’s simplistic victories.

Sechion also does an awesome job being positive without coming off as too preachy. The Lowell native raps about an array of different topics helping any type of listener feel like he understands their situation or can relate to them.

The hook is also perfectly placed connecting the verses with its positive and catchy chant serving as a brief moment of optimism to anyone going through hardships in life. Listen to Sechion’s latest song “Little Things”

Sechion: City Love Tour (mini documentary) – The Museum TV

#TheMUSEUM TV Presents, SECHION: City Love Tour 2, a Mini-Documentary following up & coming music artist Sechion (@akaSechion). Shot & Edited by #TheMUSEUM’s Creator Noble (IG: @Le_GooLord).

“When Noble approached me to document this year’s iteration of The City Love Tour I was hesitant at first. His vision was to interview me at the beginning of our process to the very end. I think a lot of my resistance had to do with revealing too much of myself and my friends. Being a part of a generation where everyone seemingly draws the curtain into their lives with mixed results I still value privacy. In this case I’m happy to admit I was wrong. The moments captured in this mini doc does justice to all involved. I’m really thankful to have a team surrounding me that believes in what it is we’re trying to accomplish. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to share the stage with all the artist that took the time to perform but most importantly assist in building a music culture, a community for the city I love.” – Sechion


Instagram: @Pronounced_Session
Twitter: @akaSechion

A New Artist Approaches!: Sechion – Time In The Study

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s officially two weeks until my show at the International Radio Festival in Zurich, Switzerland (at 10 am EST). Ever since starting the playlist for the show, I’ve been feeling a lot of hometown pride, and that spirit is best exemplified through today’s featured artist, Sechion!

Interesting fact: there is a huge absence of rap in the Lowell music scene. True, you have artists like Whiskey James and Mizer, but they blend rap with other styles. Sechion is pure, unadulterated rap, influenced by life in the 978. While he doesn’t have an album out just yet, he has been debuting singles for the past year, blending astute observations about city life with production that could have been taken from Kanye’s The College Dropout.

Check out his video for “Millside”, and be sure to catch Sechion and more at the International Radio Festival in Zurich, Switzerland!

StarrPower - Sechion: City Love Tour (mini doc) – StarrPower ENT

Sechion had his hometown buzzing with the single “Mill Side.” To capitalize on that momentum he started his own mini show tour titled, The City Love Tour which stopped by different venues in his city.

To bless the stage with him Sechion recruited different artists to perform with him. Every night was different yet every night was lit. The Lowell, MA native delivered unmatched energy that you can see was reciprocated from the crowd.

The 7-minute The Museum-produced clip gives us an inside look on the whole experience.

Lowell Native Sechion Drops “Mill Side” Visual (Official Video) – StarrPower ENT

We wrote about Sechion about a year and half ago when he released the single “Hit Me.” The track got some street buzz but it doesn’t compare to the potential “Mill Side” has. Building off the momentum of “Mill Side” the Lowell native has been busy this summer with a string of performances sponsored by Potent Society.

In the “Mill Side” video Sechion gets picked up by his friend at the station. Upon his arrival his boy explains that he has the night mapped out and after their conversation Sechion goes into his first verse.

In the middle of the video we actually get to see some behind the scenes footage. In the cut we find Sechion and his boys gigging to Kanye West’s “All Day.” It was a nice way to break up the content. After about 30 seconds of candid video it cuts back to Sechion and his boys in all black in what looks like a lit basement turn up.

The beat is smooth and J Dilla-esque with a contemporary hook. It’s rare for rappers to mix both worlds of hip-hop and mix it well but Sechion manages to deliver a great sonically produced piece. Can the Lowell native outdo himself on the next track? Only time will tell, we’re watching. Check out the video.


Anyone who has followed UTG for more than a few years knows our roots lie in the Midwest. The first few years this site existed, our staff, while not neighbors in any way, all resided in the middle of America. We have since grown and spread out, with regular contributors located all over the world, but our passion for promoting promising regional talent is as strong as ever.

Boston is rarely the first city that comes to mind when discussing hip-hop, and the nearby city of Lowell is even farther down that list, but a rapper by the name of Sechion is looking to change all that with tight flows and unique wordplay that has our entire staff head over heels for his sound. His latest single, “Mill City,” evokes a feeling that brings to mind early Drake or Kanye, but with lyrical content undeniably rooted in the daily experiences of those living life in New England. It’s catchy, yet gritty, and it’s got us chomping at the bit for more material. You can discover the song below.

If you head over to Soundcloud you’ll discover Sechion actually has quite a bit of material available now, and a lot of it has been made available for free download, but I’m of the belief that “Mill City” is on another level. It’s the kind of track that showcases where Sechion may be headed in the future, and right now it seems like nothing can stop this young man from quickly taking the rap world by storm.

International Video : Sechion - Mill Side – Hip Hop King

Here's a song Sechion wanted to share with us. Sechion is a rapper from the north of Boston, Lowell Massachusetts.
This song in a way personifies what the cultural scene has got going on in Lowell Massachusetts and it's chill as fuck.

StarrPower ENT: Sechion – HIT (Official Video) – StarrPower ENT

A member of the Potent Society family, Sechion (sess-tion) releases his single titled HIT. Native of Lowell, MA Sechion chronicles his struggles and successes in his everyday life as he takes a “HIT”. Sechion focuses on triggering an emotion in hopes of connecting to his listeners. Watch the music video.


Rising from the streets of New England, MA – rising artist Sechion (announced “Session) has something different to offer to his targeted listeners. Taking day to day topics in an attempt to push the envelope on modern indie music, he presents his latest visual “Outchea/Man To You“, which documents his rising claim to a newfound stature. We asked Sechion about what d the playful visual creation and here’s what he had to say:

“Outchea/Man To You” chronicles the attention I’ve brought to the city and what that notoriety has given to me. Navigating through the vices and delusions although some self inflicted that may stop me from fulfilling my potential.”

In a few more years, the world will know Sechion’s name, in a “buzzworthy” sense. His potential to becoming a possible candidate to claim a spotlighted pathway is truly imminent. His works speak for themselves, he knows what he wants. The dealcloser is whether or not he discovers his niche, which can be the toughest process for newfound artists.

What ever the case may be, keep your eyes open. Sechion is sure to ring the alarm on the radar, especially on hypefresh – as we’re paying major attention to him.

City Love Tour 3 Full recap video – The Museum TV

This was our second year following Potent Society’s City Love Tour based out in Lowell, MA. Potent Society (MA Based) puts on this Tour every year to provide a platform for Artists. The growth we’ve seen from hearing about their first year, to experiencing the second and then to this year is just inspiring. This time around they pulled in artists from a wider range than usual and made sure each show had it’s own vibe. The tour featured the likes of: 6ixlayne, Garrett, Samo D, RAMS, Noel Pancho, Latrell James, Arty $lang, Cool Dubs, Potent Pelle, Eugene Junior, Darius Heywood, Original Kadeem and of course the headliner, Sechion. Every-night was a different experience and Sechion will help narrate you through the City Love Tour 3! Get Familiar & Join them Next Year! Enjoy & Please share! #TMTV

Sechion releases his debut project Black Gums – OneV an

Lowell artist, Sechion has been gaining a lot of buzz out here in Massachusetts. With clever lyrics and consistent, and sonically pleasing tracks, Sechion’s has been one of our favorite artists coming up. You can stream the 12 track project, with production from Lil Rich, DumDrumz, Doughboy Ron, and more below.

Stream Sechion's New Album Black Gums – RESPECT.MAG

Lowell, Massachusetts rapper Sechion just released a very authentic project that delivers everything a rap fan wants to hear. The artist is an open book on his 12-track album entitled, Black Gums and we are absolutely obsessing over this new release.

The well-rounded project with zero features is equipped with production from James Rogers, DJ Robotnik 5000, Lil Rich, DumDrumz, and more. The rapper aims to capture stories of his personal trials and tribulations while making a soundtrack dedicated to the people growing up in his city. This album will make you want to follow in Sechion’s footsteps and proudly rep your city like he does.

The founder of the City Love Tour concert series touches on a more fun side of his LP in songs like “Never Tuck My Chain interlude,” “Can’t stand me,” and “Pretty Feet.” Sechion definitely took his time using his heartfelt lyricism and unique rhyme scheme to create a very cohesive body of work.

If you aren’t already hip to Sechion’s music its not too late, go ahead and check out his Black Gums album below.

Sechion - Black Gums – Swidlife

Sechion (pronounced session) is an emerging hip-hop artist making his way out of Lowell, MA. Distinguishing himself as a premier up and coming talent out of New England, not only through his live shows but with solid single releases, Sechion brings forth a new sound. His debut album, “Black Gums” highlights his sound and lyrical ability. Coming in at 12 tracks, each track has its own vibe that’s backed by amazing production, taking each record to the next level. Lyrically, Sechion displays raw flows matched up with catchy hooks. This allows him to show just how versatile he can be.

Shortly after the project release, Sechion dropped off the official video to, “End Like This.” The clean-cut visual contains a VHS effect giving it more of that old school vibe. Directed by DISHURD, the video helps bring the essence of the track together. Check out the album as well as the video down below.

Sechion - Black Gums – Daily-HipHop

Lowell, MA artist Sechion releases his long awaited debut album Black Gums. Developing his craft over the last few years, Sechion has taken strides to distinguish himself as a primer up and coming talent out of New England. Through his live performances, creative videos and catchy singles.

Black Gums is an honest look into the creatives mind. Comprised of 12 tracks, from the needle drop that opens up the reflective, 90s influenced opener “Cash Those Checks” to the dark synth and 808 heavy lead single “Can’t Stand Me”, you finish every listen knowing more about the man behind the pen.

Twitter: @WhoIsSechion
Instagram: @WhoIsSechion

Sechion - District – Swidlife

Last we heard of Massachusetts artist Sechion, was in May with his debut album, “Black Gums.” Since then he says he’s been busy developing new material.

“Releasing my album was a big achievement for my friends, family and myself. Some of the verses on their I’ve saved for years, the stories told weren’t only mine to tell, it really was an accumulation of a lot of hard work with my team. When you have a small fan base they are usually intimately involved with seeing you succeed so it felt like a weight off my shoulders, giving the world myself in its truest form. Now with that out, I feel free, more than anything what you are hearing is me unchained from the burden of my own expectations. The new music reflects that poise.”

On his latest release, “District” produced by fellow Massachusetts native David Walker, the MC floats through the boisterous production with ease. District can also be found on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal as well as SoundCloud down below.

Sechion and Chuck Kennedy collaborate on a new "Chuck and Sechion EP" – One Van

Having met each other in Austin, TX, March of 2015 at SXSW, both Sechion and Chuck Kennedy have been able to form a friendship and keep in touch.

Before we end the year, Lowell’s own Sechion releases his collab tape with Connecticut based producer Chuck Kennedy. With Sechion with the raps, and Chuck on the production, the two release a pretty dope 6 track EP that’s sure to hold us over for awhile. You can steam the 6 track project below

Sechion on linking up with Chuck Kennedy: “From jump I respected the way Chuck moved, I had no idea he even produced till the end of the trip. Being at an unknown place, far from home, you tend to gravitate towards people you can relate too , with Chuck it was easy. The idea of working together was natural and a long time coming.”