Secil Isil Yucel

Secil Isil Yucel

 Culver City, California, USA

I'm a Singer/Songwriter and Violinist. I just graduated from Berklee College of Music. I live in LA and want to get my songs into Film/TV placements.

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Written By: Secil Isil Yucel, Jessica Jefferson

Just when I thought it was over
You come back again
Will it ever end

Trying to cry on my shoulder
And I take you in
Like it’s always been

So here we are again
I’m so tired of
Recycling love

Oh but my heart is misleading
When I look at you
And you feel it too

Tangled like a knot in my hair
Whenever we try to pull away
Twisted and matted, oh but we keep going at it
This back and forth is our favorite game
Tangled, but we just don’t care

How many times can we try
Gluing broken glass
We still see the cracks

Innocence gone after the first time
We keep forcing a fix
Without the basics so we’re


If you go, you’ll take a piece of me
If I leave, I know I’ll still care
But we would only be fooling ourselves
We both know we’ll be back here
Because we’re