Second Audio Program

Second Audio Program


By infusing a blend of infectious melody, cutting edge technology, and hard hitting sonic superiority, Second Audio Program has created a sound both intelligent and distinct. Step inside...


Second Audio Program is set apart by intelligently written, thought provoking song writing. Instead of trying to imitate our favorite bands, we trust in the sound that is our own to set us apart. The wide range of influences by participating members results in a sound both comfortable and unique.


Our first single "Alien Overdrive" is currently spinning at over 75 regional college radio stations. It also gets regular airplay on select commercial radio stations throughout the New England area. Our debut EP is selling very solidly at all area Newbury Comics locations. Streaming audio is available via our website at

Set List

Typical set list consists of us rocking our asses off for 30-40 mins. We usually play 6-8 original songs. No covers. Set list usually goes like so...
-Alien Overdrive
-Deep End
-Perpetual Midnight
-Down Again