Second Chance For Prometheus

Second Chance For Prometheus


Second Chance For Prometheus is a progressive metal band from the Chicagoland area. They have a sound similar to Periphery, Tesseract, and Of Glaciers. They are beginning the recording process on their debut EP and playing local shows at venues such as Penny Road Pub and the Des Plaines Theater.


Second Chance For Prometheus is a progressive metal band from the Chicagoland area. The band was inspired by the story of Prometheus, who is credited with the enabling of the progress and civilization of humanity. Their hopes are to motivate their listeners to look inside themselves and change for the better. They write songs that tell stories and offer solutions to help others think more critically about their everyday lives. Second Chance For Prometheus is not heavy for the sake of heavy and does not encourage violence. They promote self-reflection, improvement, and the elimination of fears and vices.


Don't Lose Yourself

Written By: Second Chance For Prometheus

Don't be afraid
To understand that you are lost
So listen when I say
And all of the words are not meant to hurt you
They're meant to guide you

But you've forgotten everything you stand for
Everything you stood for
But who am I to say that you have changed?
You know we both know
This is what you've become
They've changed you

I am the driving force behind myself
There is no one else to guide me
Along my journey in life
I am the controller
Nobody can feel my pain

You are the face in the mirror staring back at me
Making accusations of truth and faith
You will never understand

You're almost gone
I see your life fading out
You must see the change is now
Forget who you wish to be
Theres no doubt
You've forgotten who you are

This is not what I am left to be
Everything is so confusing
I cannot live with myself
This is all going to hell
Right now

I heard you shouting
I know your afraid
Forget whose staring
And just close your eyes

Do you remember who you really are inside
I haven't forgotten
Your new ways delimitate you
I hope you accept this call
To start again

This is who I am

I'm on top the mountain
And I can see the truth that lies within
Face to face
Heart to heart
I'm finally reclaiming my life


Don't Lose Yourself

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Don't Lose Yourself