Second Day

Second Day


Second day has become one of the brightest diamonds in modern rock. The band is sonically gripping with purposeful lyrics and epic melodies. This is emotionally driven music that is dynamic and pure. We are currently reorganizing and recording new material for release in summer 2006.


SECOND DAY is best described as an energetic group that plays well crafted rock n roll songs. No gimmicks or fashion statements here. They play because they love the music; to create lasting songs, not for status. Influences are all over. Steve and Jordan come from a heavier background - Steve was in NYC based VBS, while Jordan recorded and toured with nu-metal band 40 Below Summer. Troy is a graduate of The Drummer's Collective in NYC, and Teddy's bass lines are solid and tight. Add these ingredients together, and you can see what a great sound this creates. What sets SECOND DAY apart from other bands? They pride themselves for following their own path and not just picking up where other bands have left off. Being from NYC, they feel the "hipster/indie"music scene is getting tired and repetative. SECOND DAY has gone back to basics; good driving pop/rock tunes, with searing vocals and guitars. Back when rock roll was real and true, and the music moved you.


Like A Drug

Written By: SECOND DAY

Took my medicene again
I dont know if I can live
Take a step outside my mind
Get this sickness to subside
How much longer do I go
Before I have to have you

It's not so easy, say you wanna leave me
Wake up in the morning, and I just can't control it
Gotta stop this shaking,
I'll beat this addiction
I guess you're just too much
of a good thing

Like A Drug, I'm not gonna quit
Shoot you in my viens
Make you kill me slowly.....

You think I want to cloak my shame
I don't...I don't need your pity
I could say I hate this, that I don't really need this
But I would be lying to myself....

Everybody says you're no good for me
They lack something else, the perfect disease
I dont think they know just how much I need to feel you in my blood...

Just like a drug......


Written By: SECOND DAY

Hold on, my brother
slip the night into the atmosphere
If you dare....

Be strong, my sister
You're gonna need to put us in your prayers....
cause we're running out of air

I'm not waiting for this
It's time to live
No need to medicate
this is your resurrection

Kneel down, my father
You've been forgiven the poison in your blood
I turned it to love

I'm not waiting for this..
get your head on straight
this is a resurrection..

can you feel it coming back again
I'm coming back to life


"Second Day" 2004

Track listing: Like A Drug, Misunderstood, Ghost Alone, Give Me Up, Naked

"4 hits motherf**ker!" 2005

Track listing: Like A Drug, Be There, See Your Face, Resurrection

"Untitled" set for release summer of 2006

Step into My World, Shadow, Addiction (Do Your Thing), Over Now, Silence, I Will Be There, Never Gets Done, I don't Want To Say Goodbye

Set List

SECOND DAY is an all original band, occasionally throwing the occasional obscure cover. Most of the sets are no longer than 30 to 45 minutes. Very energetic, powerful and will definately move you.

See Your Face
Be There
Seasons Of Regret
Like A Drug
Give Me Up
Ghost Alone
Wait For Me (I'll Be Coming Home)
Do, Do, Do