We are a solid band that enjoys having fun and trying to do what we love for the Glory of Christ.


Formed in 2003 Secondhand has been hard at work trying to write great pop music. By 2005 Secondhand had made a name for themselves around Michigan and Ohio, releasing their first thir EP 'Twenty Years From Now'.

In 2007 they took some time off to help a good friends band Everyday Sunday. "Trey (lead singer of E S) lost a few members in his band, so we decided to help him out for a while till he could find permenant members. In the process our drummer decided to stay with Everyday Sunday which left us in a bad spot " says Aaron Eikenberry, guitar player for Secondhand. In November of 2007 Secondhand handed the drum sticks to Mikey Stiffler to complete the line-up.

With the release of a new EP just weeks away Secondhand is slowly gaining momentum, in some ways the same band, but in others a brand new flavor!


Released first EP 'twenty Years From Now' in 2005

Released our first single 'take it back' to rock radio in 2005. Some stations still play it.

Releasing secondhand EP 'Get in line' 2008

Set List

We play all originals and our normal set lasts 20-30 minutes depending on what the show promoter wants.