Second Hand Rose

Second Hand Rose

 Beijing, Beijing, CHN

Rock-Folk-Pop band from Beijing, China, which is well known for it's bold combination of traditional Chinese music with solid rock’& roll fundamentals. The influence of traditional Chinese folk music can be unmistakably heard in the singing and the the usage of traditional Chinese instruments.


“Second-Hand” reminds itself not to copy others blindly, and the name “Roses” indicates the ultimate pursuit of art. Since its founding, the band has held as its faith to produce China’s own Rock & Roll and it has kept the promise all the time. Indeed, Second-Hand Roses did become a new rising force and has finally grown up into the most unique rock band in China. Being the most seductively charming rock band of the time, Second-Hand Roses never stops creating miracles in this circle. The distinctive feature, the spirit of experiments and the inexhaustible creativities become the key to its success. The band is worthy to become the focus of attention and recognized not only by the fans but also the critics and even the Chinese Rock & Roll history. Growing in the context of post-colonial culture in China, Second-Hand Roses, however, has found a perfect balance between the rock spirit and the ethical identity. It has not only met the need for original cultural elements of the Chinese people but also expressed the rock music in a new way which is closer to the common taste and is easier to accept. Maintains their artistic style and sticking to its aim, it has gained commercial success as well. In its prime time, the band is to break all the fetters for its development.
To some extent, Second-Hand Roses is a proof of the existence of Rock & Roll music in China. There has been no such a single band as Second-Hand Roses, so it cannot be compared to any other rock bands at all. As a band which is adaptable to changes and ever compromise, it never covers up its theory, for they grow out of the need of the time. It is destined to bring more and more unexpected surprises in the near future.

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2004: Second Hand Rose Band
2006: Yu Le Jiang Hu (CD+VCD)

Set List

Between 30 and 90 min. The set contains more of the newer material (since 2006).