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Your lyrics are brash and full of sultry attitude that seduce the listener. The music has a strong folk influence with a strong Pop foundation. The title is a perfect choice. Excellent song.
Your vocals soar on this song! The composition is extremely original and magnificently arranged and played. The structure shows a bit of repetition but works very well in this format. The production quality is first rate!
The diversity and originality of this song make it a bit of a marketing gamble, but one I think a buyer will be more than happy to take.
- International Song of the Year Contest (

Suggested Artists- Suggested Artists are musicians or songwriters that the Song of the Year staff found impressive and would suggest for listening. The Suggested Artist placement is based on the Song of the Year staff, not the judges. Song of the Year keeps the listings updated on the website so that you can use it as a reference if you need to. Song of the Year wants anyone you refer to this listing to know that the staff thought that your song was found to be quite impressive.

Alison Gimpel
Allan Reece
Anca Niculae
Ann Morrissey
Anthony Nocera
Carlos Greenwood
Christopher Hicks
Christopher Person
Cowboy Poet

David Thane
David Atkinson
DeAundrae Johnson
Derrick Hemingway
Diane Merchant
Ed Piedra
Eric Stephens
Feras Al Riyabi
Frej Sjöström

Gleason Rand
Gwynneth Green
Ian Todd
Jeff Gerlach
Jeffrey Enderby
Jlyn Dawson
Joe Frisina
John Gaudet

Jordan Shepherd
Joy Crist
Judith Yerka
Karen Shaver
Kevin Lucas
Mary Anne Lonergan
Russ Simpson
Stephen Madewell
Taylor Lewis
William N Rogers
- International Song of the Year Contest (

Your lyrics create strong images of surreal and romantic thoughts. Both the male and female have distinct, emotional phrasing with your delivery that draws the listener completely into the song. The musical composition has strong flow and the instrumentation is powerful.
You have very distinct vocal qualities that suit this material perfectly. Both the male and female give resounding performances. Structurally, this song is formidable. Your production is astounding and absolutely perfect for demo purposes.
You have a very strong gripping performance with every aspect. Your style is unique and very original. - International Song of the Year Contest (

Your lyrics seem to reflect on everyday life A very fun and lighthearted song with an almost addictive groove. The musicianship is excellent and the vocals, while at times hard to understand, are very suitable. The title is a poignant and wonderful choice.
The music is fresh, upbeat, and original. The structure and composition are simple yet strong. - International Song of the Year Contest (

Your lyrics are sensual and extremely well worded, with a magnificent flow. The music has a strong Pop appeal that the listener won’t be able to get enough of. The title is a perfect choice.
Your vocals are soulful and beautiful with effective harmonies! The musical composition is potent and lively, with strong energy in the chorus. The melodies are outstanding, as well as the arrangement. The production sounds clean and vibrant with outstanding performances.
- International Song of the Year Contest (

At first glance it is a good song, and it is even better when you listen it for a second time. This track has several features that make it memorable. Lyrics are simple, clear, and in good balance with the energy of the music.

Another simple, clear and concrete element is the song structure - very good work! Every detail of the structure has a significant technical role, and is well balanced with the other song parts - at the right place, at the right time. One of the most powerful elements of this track is the dynamic construction. Created by the proper use of pauses, and rhythmic texture, the dynamics greatly contribute to the transmission of subtle energy.

Very good ideas and songwriting in your song. The overall music ideas are diverse and have strong roots planted in rock and country. Keep up the good work and Good Luck!
- International Song of the Year Contest (

Your lyrics are very poignant and rousing. The music has a strong rhythm and flow with a very catchy element. The title is a perfect fit.

The melodies are simple but catchy and fit the song well. The structure is well arranged.

This is a good, compelling song that is very listen able and would make for a strong album track. - International Song of the Year Contest (

The raw boldness of the lyrics are packed with attitude. This is accompanied by equally energetic music that dominates this song. The title is a wicked temptation that grabs the attention. This song is outstanding!

These vocals are outstanding with raw aggression yet smooth harmonies. The musicianship shines and overflows with fury and originality. The structure is nothing short of professional.

This is the kind of unique and original music that A&R is looking for!

The lyrics are outstanding and hit a very good vibe with a wonderful melody. The musical composition is wonderful and the harmonies truly shine. The title is a wonderful choice that resonates through out the entire song for a strong impact.

The vocals truly soar on this song. The harmonies blend well with the duet lead line and the musical composition is truly fantastic.

This song could soar into mainstream adult contemporary markets. I love the duet aspect of the song. This is unique in today’s music market with so many ‘solo’ artists. Very fresh to hear this, wonderful job!
- International Song of the Year Contest (

Holyoke, MA native Ed Piedra recently received the honor of being named Finalist by the Song of the Year ( songwriting contest for the month of October under the “Pop” category. Song of the Year is an international songwriting contest supporting VH-1’s Save the Music Foundation. The Song of the Year judges are some of the biggest names in music including many Grammy Award winners.

Song of the Year is excited to recognize Ed Piedra for his exceptional songwriting ability for the song Cyan Sky. Ed competed against songwriters from all over the world for this honor. When asked what inspired the song Ed commented that it was inspired by a past relationship. “It was one of those relationships that I messed up and was trying to make right again. I used to call it ‘The Apology Song’. The ‘Perfect Cyan Sky’ phrase was inspired by a scene from the movie ‘Forest Gump’ where Forest was telling Jenny about a beautiful sunset he saw while he was running across the country.”

Currently Ed is concentrating on his music and songwriting career with his band Second Nature while hoping to get the band and their music some more exposure. “I’d like to see this band push and promote our original material to more audiences that enjoy original music. I really think we have some good stuff that people would really like. Eventually getting either a recording deal or publishing deal for any of our music would be great.”

You can find more information about Ed Piedra and the band Second Nature by going to their website
- International Song of the Year Contest (


First CD Release - Second Nature vs. Godzilla
Little Lynn
Take A Little Time
Cold One
I Won't Cry
Please Come Home
Grains In The Sand

Second CD Release - Innocenz Lozt
I'll Be Your Man
Cyan Sky
Gimme A Sign
I Knew A Girl
Running From Your Love
What Don't You Understand
I Wanna Show You Love
See You Again

Both CDs have received local radio airplay.



We're all about the songs! We have received recognition and praise for not only our songwriting, but also our performances on our latest CD "Innocenz Lozt". We have been named a finalist in the 2005 International Song of the Year contest for the month of October for the song "Cyan Sky" and also been named a Suggested Artist in January 2006 by the Song of the Year Staff for our performance in "See You Again". We have received an "Honorary" award by the 2005 Great American Songwriting Contest judges for the song "I Knew A Girl" and have received five different honorable mentions in the 2005 BillBoard World Song Contest.

We have two lead female vocalists and one lead male vocalist to choose from when deciding how to best perform our originals. We have a strong Beatle and Fleetwood Mac influence. We have been playing together for about 15 years now and we are more than just best of friends - we are a family.

In the beginning we played mostly covers at bars every weekend in the Western MA/CT Valley area. Then as our original music developed more and more, we placed more focus on the original music. Our first demo was a tape that was a free giveaway to fans and bar owners (Second Nature vs. Godzilla) that contained 4 covers and 6 originals. This was released back in 1994. With a more mature and exclusive focus on originals, we released our much acclaimed second CD "Innocenz Lozt" in 2004.

Now we have enough material for another CD with songs that have huge hit potential like "Someone Else", "Live Without You", and "Somebody Like Me". We will begin shopping around for a studio soon. Also, we still play live occasionally, sometimes at local bars, but mostly for charitable events. This includes the first and second annual Bike Ride for Cystic Fibrosis in memory of our good friend Jeremy Delphia as well as other numerous charitable events. Next year we will focus on our next CD and playing out at more venues to promote our music.

Visit us at for more info.