Second Path

Second Path


A New hard rock/ metal quartet with a twist of punk and a touch of progressive. Melodic vocal harmonies over crunching guitars, and enegetic, "In your face" drumbeats, all compacted into every aggressive live show.


Second Path is a melting pot of influences (Metal, Classic Rock, Funk, Prog-Rock, Jazz, Blues) and great new ideas projected with more of a unique new age rock sound over all. Sevendust, 311, System of a Down, Tool, Killswitch Engage, Metallica and Filter are just a few of the bands that would describe our direction of music. All four members are based out of the chicagoland area and also trained in a variety of different musical styles such as jazz, and marching band, and also learned some music theory on the side. These studies have helped us to create an original style with polyrhythmic grooves and memorable melodies.


Second Path E.P.

Set List

Dear Remorse
Wasted Passions
Did You Notice?
Mind Parade
American Monarchy
Punishment for the Absent Minded
Cover Songs: Beautiful Disaster- 311
All Mixed up-311
Sledgehammer- Peter Gabriel
Master of Puppets- Metallica
One- Metallica
Bombtrack- Rage Against the Machine
Smoke 2 Joints- Sublime
Many More....