Second Self

Second Self


Second Self blends many styles of music together to create something unique and original. Through composition and improvisation, the music is constantly evolving and changing, keeping the live shows and new material fresh.


The beginning of Second Self occured in Fallston, MD, where Stampone and Hunter brothers were raised. After only a few jam sessions in spring of 2003, the trio began to write material and develop a sound.

The band's first big show came along at the same time a new member was added. Walsh joined the band on stage for a serendipitious show at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD to open for local sensation The Low Life. Ever since, the band has played many venues in the Maryland/ Pennsylvania area, including 9:30 Club, Fletcher's, Rams Head Live!, Full Moon Saloon, Brew River, The Monkey Barrell, Murph's Other Bar, Chameleon Club, to name a few.

The most recent addition to the band is with Dave Thomas. Adding more vocals and another guitar into the mix, the band has expanded their sound with more elements and musical influences. The entire band except for Stampone has graduated from or is currently enrolled at York College of Pennsylvania. The temporary shift in geography has made the York venue Murph's Other Bar the 'home away from home,' where they continue to hone their live craft.

Set List

List of Songs:

Seems Like Two
Voodoo Pharmacology
Mr. Robert's Lucid Dream
Bippity Boppity
The Venerable Beat
Snowbound in Cm
Land of the Free?
Desert Song
Heady Sandwich Bags
Confuse the Cat
A Pack of Wolves
To the Horizon
Goin Home
God Kicked the Plug out of the Wall
Beyond the Horizon
Schemin Rich

Sets are usually an hour and a half, eithe rone or two sets.

Typical Covers:

Pinball Wizard- The Who
Alabama Song- The Doors
I Want You (She's So Heavy)- The Beatles
Munchkin Invasion- Disco Biscuits
Long Black Veil- Johnny Cash
We're Only Gonna Die- Sublime
Last Dance- Tom Petty