Second Self

Second Self

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Second Self carefully balances crafted songwriting with intricate rhythms and live improvisation. The result is music ranging from ethereal ambience to high intensity rock. the bands perpetually developing live sound offers fans a unique and fresh experience every time they play.


An energetic power trio steeped in rock, reggae, and funk influences, Second Self plays highly original music that showcases the group's ability to transition between tight arrangments and off-the-cuff improvisation.

In 2003, while attending high school in Fallston, Maryland, founding members Jimmy Hunter (lead guitar), Jeff Hunter (drums), and Nick Stampone (bass), began writing instrumental compositions. The three have collaborated with many great musicians since forming and continue to perform as a trio.

Second Self has performed over 200 live shows in such venues as The 8x10 Club in Baltimore, The 9:30 Club in Washington DC, and The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Known for high energy sets, Second Self leaves fans wanting more every time they play.

In 2010, Second Self released their self-titled debut album with Dave Thomas on vocals and rhythm guitar. Recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore by engineer and producer Mike McAree. In 2011, the band recorded a 4 song "Winter EP" in their home studio, with Erik Dittmar on vocals and rhythm guitar.


Winter EP (Released: 12/16/11)
1. Mr. Dinka Koo
2. Nectafied
3. Valley Conflict
4. Why Not?

'Second Self' (Released: 6/12/10)
1. Big A
2. Zart
3. Afghan Mud
4. Phenagle
5. Change
6. 11:11
7. Space Creatures (live)

Set List

Songs Currently in Live Rotation:

Confuse The Cat
Half In The Bag
Hilly Space Mountain
Mr. Dinka Koo
Pack Of Wolves
Seems Like Two
Song Plays You
Space Creatures
The Venerable Beat
Wednesday Time Lapse
Why Not?
Moby Dick