Seconds From Waiting

Seconds From Waiting


We love making music and we are willing to do it anywhere, anytime. We strive for creative drum and bass beats, subtle guitar riffs, and intense vocals.


Seconds from Waiting is made up of four guys who just like to play, listen to, and write good music. The lead musician is a guy named Brent who writes most of the songs and breaks most of the hearts. Our drummer is named J.J. and he very well may be the best drummer this side of the Mississippi. John is our backup guitarist. His main talent is being foolish and playing his guitar behind his back. Mark is the consummate bassist. He is also one of the coolest guys you could meet. We've been together since September of '05. The songs we have up top are from our first ep. We hope you enjoy our music so much that you'll tell all of your friends about it and make us rich and famous.


We are very excited to announce the arrival of our first ever EP, Stoplights and Storm Warnings.

Set List

Our typical set list would involve our 5 original songs off of our EP, 5 new original songs and maybe a cover tune. We like to play about 45 minutes to an hour.