Second Solution

Second Solution


Alternative Rock mixed with some Classic Rock


Second Solution started out in late May of 2005 by former members of the band "Warn The Neighbors", Dan Erkel and Dan Parks. They both had been writing and recording some songs while in search of a bass player. They stumbled upon Andrew Able. They took their demo tracks to SCN Records and now have a "Self-titled EP".

When writing these songs, they focused on three main elemnts they believe make up a great CD. The first element is to make their songs sound different than most songs on the radio. They wanted to break away from the basic "structure" of a song.

The second element was to have each song a different style, still keeping their sound though. If someone likes Alternative Rock, there's a Track on the CD, if you like Classic Rock or more of a Pop song, there's a track on the CD for each individuals genra.

The most important element is one they believe in strongly. When they play live, it has to sound better than the CD, over producing the CD was not a question. The band wants to be remembered for putting on a satisfying live show.

The band has played at several Venues in Pittsburgh such as Mr. Small's, and has even played an acoustic set at Beechers coffee house. Currently their "EP" is being played on some college radio stations and is on the Oasis CD Sampler that is sent out to hundreds of radio stations in the U.S.


1. Endure 4:33
2. This Pain 5:32
3. These Thoughts 3:58
4. You Are Still Waiting 3:53
5. No Apologies 3:52
6. One Way Tracks 4:46
7. This Pain (Acoustic) + Bonus 13:09

Set List

A typical set list includes our Originals from the Cd and some rare covers such as some popular as well. Mainly taking a cover and adding their style to it.

Velvet Revolver- Slither, Fall to pieces
Neil Young- Rockin' in the free world
U2- Beautiful Day (rockin version)
Led Zepplin Covers
Stone Templed Pilots- Plush