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The best kept secret in music


"Ontario Scene CD Review"

A lot of bands usually have a mix of experimental guitar chords, while still keeping the main tune alive in each of their songs. Seconds to Go, of London, Ontario succeeds in encompassing that Canadian punk/rock sound that has spread widely upon the indie music scene.

The opening song, “Young Blood,” was a great choice to start the album with. The song is very inviting as it delivers a very powerful melody that makes you want to get up and dance, especially with the repetitive lyric, “Let’s lose control.” Driving melodies continue throughout the album, and it never gets dull, especially with the lead singer’s voice which is smooth yet rough around the edges and it suits the band’s sound well. Seconds to Go also offers some variety with slower-paced songs like, “Circuitry” and calming bridges, like in the song “Masquerade,” which gives them a diversified sound.

The basic theme throughout the album seems to be dealing with a bad breakup. This is a recurring theme among many boy bands, and it may be boring for some, but don’t we all go through heartache? I think anyone could agree after listening to this album that the band helps you to release those crazy feelings that you love to hate.

by Ciara McCann
- Ontario Scene

"Chart Attack"

Hearing a solid pop-punk album in this day and age is relatively shocking, but it's a pleasant surprise. Seconds To Go write upbeat songs with tremendously catchy hooks and lush guitars, but they don't rely on generic lyrics and the same four chords to deliver them. Their sound stands out because they have a healthy dose of post-hardcore muscle behind it, sounding like Moneen covering Hot Water Music. The album is energetic throughout, with the echoing guitars launched high into the stratosphere by the pounding drums. The only setback is the vocalist, who sometimes sounds like a more nasal Fat Mike. If Seconds To Go have more time to grow, there might be hope for pop-punk yet.

- Shehzaad Jiwani of Chart Magazine

" CD Review"

Take the explosive rock of Hundred Years, the energetic punkish vibes ala Bullets and Octane and a sound close to Social Code - voila! You'll get Canadian band Seconds To Go and their self titled debut.
It's not entirely wrong to name Foo Fighters as one of their influences coz the guitarwork reminds a lot of Grohl's way of writing songs with a touch of Edge (U2). STG singer Nick Harris's voice sure suits this style of dirty rock, he does sound a bit like Angry Anderson of Rose Tattoo at times.
The melodic "Soldier" pays a visit in modern rock land while the opener "Young blood" has more in common with straight ahead punkrock and you can also draw parallels to hardcore/emo on a track like "Masquerade".
Anyhow, a good album! - Kaj Roth

"Mammoth Press CD Review"

When you can say that you’re one of the first bands signed to Trever Keith’s (of Face to Face fame) record label you already have a lot to say. Their debut full-length is slated to drop in February 2005, but they have already created a buzz that puts a lot of anticipation on this release. You may know Seconds To Go from their contributions to Vagrant’s “In Honor” compilation CD and “Another Year on the Streets” or maybe you caught them on tour with Face to Face on their farewell tour alongside My Chemical Romance.

The EP/Demo has 4 tracks that live up to the hype that they created for themselves. Their sound isn’t really comparable to any bands; it’s really a unique sound. This uniqueness is usually a product of band constructed of music fans; people who love music so much that they pull their inspiration from so many places, you couldn’t begin to pin it down.

A promotional EP like this is a bittersweet thing, because it gets you excited for a release, but it doesn’t last nearly long enough to give you a really perspective of what a band can deliver. So for now we wait to see exactly what Seconds To Go have in store for us. - Sean-Michael

" CD Review"

Seconds to Go is a fairly typical modern rock band. They are very skilled, weilding big vocal choruses and fairly complex guitar work, but there just isnt anything new or captivating there.

Based out of London Ontario, this band might have trouble seperating themselves from the other angst ridden emo meets mall-punk style rock bands that are flooding the market.

They are, however, very good at what they are doing. There are plenty of subtle nuances and tricky guitar work on this album. If anything, they can seperate themselves from the droves of imitators by virtue of their skill.

Their debut, self titled album was released after an exstensive tour with Face to Face and My Chemical Romance. You can definately hear how those bands influenced Seconds to Go. These guys were probably an awesome supporting act, and probably pack a lot of stage energy.

This album is very well recorded, and full of sonic treats, from psychedelic guitar feedback to super-big guitar tones. Whoever recorded this album did a fantastic job.

This said, technical skill does not transport a band into the realm of genius. This album is very well produced, well played and well though out, but it lacks a unique approach. It that these guys took a little bit too much from the bands that inspired them to pick up guitar in the first place. Its common to borrow a few tones and tricks from your heroes, but to imitate them to this level is a little bit tacky.

Hopefully these guys will evolve a sound of their own after touring and gaining more self-esteem as far as their own ideas go, because they have some great tonal approaches and great talent in the band, it just isnt being steered in the right direction yet.
- Santosh Lalonde

" CD Review"

I've always thought No Motiv was a pretty underrated band. They're simply one who knows how to write a good song, and they do it plenty, like on 2004's rather consistent Daylight Breaking. Now, whether or not I'd want to start a band who takes primary influence from them, that's questionable.

Seconds to Go must assuredly agree on my former point, but hardly the latter. The London, ON outfit is one of the first to ever come across so similar, and as they've got a few songwriting skills to match, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are a few spot areas that affect their debut full-length for Trever Keith's Antagonist Records, though.

One is lead vocalist Nick Harris. Hardly a disenchanting frontman, his voice does however tend to run a bit hard on the "angsty" side. This type of delivery just seems to prevent songs from really hitting their stride, when they could be otherwise full and impacting.

The other major problem is variety, little of which exists. Even when the band attempts to stretch their chops ("Circuitry," which lies somewhere between Hey Mercedes and Senses Fail), it ends up just being like the majority of Seconds to Go: decently catchy, Vagrant styled emo rock songs (notably the first 3 tracks). Bands of this style tend to run thin, lasting only for a good portion of time, and Seconds to Go's portion spreads to a miniscule layer about two-thirds into the album.

Where I see a lot of potential is thanks to the complex, layered guitars. Lots of subtle, sonic nuances pop up throughout, giving a lot of promise.

Not a bad debut per se, but one that shows a band in need of some retooling in order to really mesmerize the listener. - Brian


Singles: This Door, Masquerade, Soldier, Youngblood.


2006 - Seconds to Go (self titled)

2004 - Vagrant Records Compilation - In Honor: a Compilation to Beat Cancer

2004 - Vagrant Records: Another Year on the Streets Vol. 3


2005 - Seconds to Go/Kover split

2004 - Self Titled (4 song EP for promo on the My Chemical Romance tour)

Tracks Youngblood, Masquerade, Soldier and This Door all recieve regular airplay on London Ontario's biggest rock radio station, FM96.

Tracks Youngblood, Masquerade, Soldier and This Door are streamed on


Feeling a bit camera shy


"With the release of their highly anticipated debut album, Seconds to Go are poised to take their place alongside Canada's new rock elite. Having completed a successful North American tour with My Chemical Romance and numerous independent tours across Canada, while also being featured on compilations such as Vagrant's In Honor and Another Year on the Streets, Seconds to Go have quickly amassed a supportive fan base. With a host of influences ranging from U2, Hot Water Music & The Foo Fighters, Seconds to Go's songwriting and musicianship shine through on their debut album. Capturing the angst, energy and passion of their live performance, Seconds to Go give new life to a genre saturated with mediocrity."