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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Music Scene News"

Some bands are live bands and some bands are recording bands. Naturally, after watching a live concert video
of Second Stone and being left amazed at their incredible stage show, I knew this was a live band. However, upon listening to the new cd 'Inside', I realized that this was one of the precious few bands who were actually both.
Dusty informed me that Inside was a self-produced, home recording. So I expected a typical self-produced home recording. What he failed to mention was that this cd could rival and hold it own against industry giants
who spend thousands on production. Every single song stands on its own. To borrow a rather trite business phrase, "all killer, no filler." Tight pounding guitars courtesy of Dusty Hughes give a spirit of rock, while Amanda Schoolfield's keyboards wrap seductively around a hard rocking, pulsating rhythm section provide by Robert Schoolfield on bass and TJ Chambless on drums. Then there are the vocals. Lead singer Adam Hughes
brings back that raw sex appeal in vocals, not evident in the last eight years of rock. His vocals soar effortlessly, yet very heartfelt, throughout the cd. He's a Jim Morrison for today's generation. He kindly
steps asided and lets little brother, Dusty, sing lead on a track. Dusty's vocals are very different
from Adam. Imagine Metallica's vocals, only with a gentle southern droll. Very smooth, very sexy, and a beautiful touch for this slow-banging acoustic rock song. The songwriting by these gentlemen is the best I have heard, bar none. Every single song here is a hit waiting to happen. Standouts include Inside, Crankshaft, and Better. For those of you lucky enough to catch this band now while they are unsigned, and that means cheap concert tickets, do it quickly, because this band won't be on the indie market much longer! Some bands are great rock bands, and some bands are legends waiting to happen.
- Carla Hizebergh

"Music Scene News"

Second Stone Live From Adams State College

Since I was unable to attend this concert, I ordered the next best thing: the video. How sad I was after watching
the video that I was not actually present at the concert.

The show began with a cover tune. Not many bands are brave enough to start a show with a cover, but if you can
play it better that the original band, why not? The entire band showed off hot chops on the 1994 anthem "Shine",
from the dynamic bass and drums to a sizzling solo to husky half-sung/half-growled vocals. After concluding this
work of art, they return to original material, playing a song from "way back when", titled Just Like You Are. They
proceeded to slow it down with a anthemic ballad titled Fade. In conclusion of this song, Adam finally introduces
the band, announcing that they are "missing a member tonight". All of the band members were met with great reception,
including the "fourth cutest guy in rock and roll", one of the first times of many that the girls got their moment
to shine on the video, screaming and cheering their approval. After this short break, they blast into a searing
rock song titled Seen It All Before. At this point, all of the band members have become more animated, complete
with head banging. After it, Adam coyly asks "Should we keep it?", which is answered by the crowd's eruption.
Meanwhile Dusty is making his way to the back for a quick guitar change. Adam humorously comments "He's got to
change guitars or change wardrobes or something. You know how those cute guys are". Dusty walks back out sporting
a beautiful smoke colored guitar. I saw it coming: cue the girls, as if their own Enrique Iglesias was returning
to the stage. After concluding another perfect cover of One Last Breath, Adam says in his sweet southern voice,
"Thank you for just singing along with us on that one". What a gentleman. No wonder the ladies love these guys.
Strike up the guitars with a very, very cool song called Inside, which the crowd seemed to like as much as I did.
Then they rolled straight into their hit single on college radio titled Almost Afraid with pounding yet fluid bass,
before performing a song that "has never been heard by anyone before tonight", titled Better. Staying true to that,
they just get better and better. Counting the Days was next, and it was just high energy rock, followed by One More
Time which upped the ante. Slowing down yet again, they played a contemplative ballad titled Someday. Then in rapid
fire fashion, they rolled through a rocker titled You and Me To Blame, a cover Goodnight Good Guy, a hit Thick, a
new song Youth, and a funk rocker Spin before they slowed back down and interacted a little more. After a heart-warming speech, Adam began playing a beautiful slow song titled Reunion before the band took the stage and rocked the house
on the ending. After thanking the crew, they rocked into In the Middle, not the Jimmy Eat World song, but a hard driving
rocker. They played Grip, a split personality rocker/ballad, Speak, a classic rocker, and Scar, a brand new rock
song, before leaving the stage. After a minute of frenzied chanting and screaming, they came back and brought the
house down with Where the River Flows, the '90s rock classic. What a wonderful evening spent with hard rock,
screaming girls, rocking guys, and an overall feeling of love and happiness without being saccharine. When they
come to California, I will be able to finally witness this amazing performance live rather than my living room.
- Carla Hizebergh


1999, CD Nickel
2001, CD Thick
2003, CD Inside
Radio play on over 200 radio stations nationwide with many #1 hits on as well as several #1 most requested songs of the week on radio nationwide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Second Stone was established in 1995. With a wide variety of influences, our song molds together many different spectrums of rock into a new fresh song.