Seconds to Paradise

Seconds to Paradise

 Grapevine, Texas, USA

Were Seconds to Paradise, our biggest fans and hardest critics we play for the love of music we want to inspire younger generations in the future. Were small but we have big dreams we are gonna play till we can't anymore and live for our music to give the gift of music to the world.


We are a band out of the fabulous GRAPEVINE TEXAS! Our music is a genre of its own. It's a little bit of Green Day, some Breaking Benjamin thrown in, and a little bit of some modern punk rock. Together as a band we love music, we love playing shows, and most of all we love are fans! Everyone has a dream and our dream is to spend the rest of our lives playing music for everyone to enjoy so please show us some support!


Good For Me

Written By: Javier Porras, Austin Harn, Joseph Mullally, and Carlos Porras

Verse1: Things dont need to change,
don't need to rearrange,
its over no deranged,
dont need to change with the seasons
there arent anymore reasons
its over im leavin

you'll Never be Good enough for me
no matter what you think or see
you'll Never be, Good enough for me
you'll never be good enough for me
to my heart you'll never hold the key
you'll Never be, Good enough for me

Just stay a while and be,
envision what i see,
your only a memory,
those hurtful things u said,
will never leave my head,
now nowhere left for dead


Single- Good For Me
Single Awkwardity
Single Frazo