Seconds to September

Seconds to September


“The hopes and promises of an entire musical generation fall on the shoulders of bands such as Seconds to September, who favor adherent melodies and good storylines over the quick-fix culture of volume and scream. In ten years, this duo’s music will continue to resonate, and continue for many years"


Steve and Eric grew up in the New Hampshire seacoast area. As siblings, they spent many years playing music together. Steve has 13 years of guitar experience and has had several ongoing gigs. As a UNH senior in 2005, he hosted an open mic night at Benjamin’s Restaurant and Bar on the UNH campus for the course of a year. In 2006, he moved to the Boston area to attend graduate school at Northeastern University. From May of 2007 until recent, Steve has been playing at Donohue’s in Watertown, MA. His shows consist 2-3 hour long sets of cover songs drawn from a wide variety of musical genres. While he still enjoys covering other artists, he has been writing his own music for some time and is excited to incorporate music from Seconds to September’s debut album into a dynamic set list.

Eric is a current UNH student with 6 years of guitar experience and an unrivaled eagerness to embark on his musical career. As the younger of the two brothers, he makes up for any lack in experience with pure dedication. Eric was a major motivating force behind the recording and producing of Seconds to September’s album, not to mention pulling more than his own weight in the writing process.

For the past 6 months Steve and Eric have put all of their efforts into their song writing for Seconds to September’s debut album. With its completion, and with a supportive and ever-expanding fan base, they are prepared to march further into the music scene.


Seconds to September LP
Released September 15th, 2007

Set List

A typical set list will consist of 8-10 originals and 8-10 covers. A set can last be as short as a half hour, or as long as 2 or 3 hours. We have an extensive list of covers, around 70 or so songs, including anything from U2 to Oasis to Pearl Jam.