Second Time Lucky

Second Time Lucky

 Brighton, England, GBR

Second Time Lucky play a familiar, yet refreshing blend of ska that has proven popular with all generations and musical tastes. Second Time Lucky have supported some of the two tone ska greats including Bad Manners and The Selecter, whilst also stirring up interest and support from audiences of new third and fourth wave fans due to the varied range of influences and styles each of the musicians bring to the table. The Second Time Lucky debut album "Drink, Sleep, Repeat" is out now available from


Formed in July 2003 as a collection of experienced musicians from local ska bands, Second Time Lucky blend a punk rock attitude with the fast paced rhythms and cheery attitude of ska to create a mixture that will both rock your socks off and have you skanking in your pants. Second Time Lucky give you powerful melodic vocals wrapped up in straight clean guitar riffs with catchy bass and danceable brass lines. Vocals - Cat Goodman Drums - Andy Whitman Guitar - Drew Bristow Guitar - Andy Smith Bass - Paul Mason Trombone - Rob Price Sax - Emma King Trumpet - Dave Packham


Drink Sleep Repeat - Album - 2009 - Rann Records - Universal - Matchbox