Second To One

Second To One


You never saw this band coming. Just when you thought Christian Rock was all the same, here comes SECOND TO ONE! Catchy lyrics, strong musical hooks, and an uncompromising message of salvation and hope, that's their calling card.


SECOND TO ONE (S2O), is an original Christian Rock Band
from Toms River, N.J.
The guys are street smart, and have experienced life on both sides of the cross, and their music reflects an honest look at the not so perfect world we live in. Second To One's message reaches a broad spectrum of people, both inside and outside of the church.
The songs have catchy hooks
that help deliver an uncompromising Gospel message.
When you hear a Second To One song, you know exactly where they’re coming from. No hidden messages here.
Jesus is the central message of their songs!
Second To One has a great live show, and really communicates with the people who come to see them. The band's philosophy is simple : Jesus Christ comes first, and everything else in life comes second!


If You Can't Find Your Way Home

Written By: Clanton/Fryson

V1.-Are you lost ?, on a path, seem to be going nowhere
Try to run, from your past, but you end up right back there
All the walls are closing in, and you feel like you can’t win,
Don’t give up it’s not the end, hope is just around the bend

(CHORUS 1) And if you can’t find your way home, you don’t have to walk alone,
Take my hand and follow me, and the truth will set you free
Any mountain you can climb, just take one step at a time,
Let the Spirit lead the way, you can make it home today

V2.- Look around at your world, everything seems so unfair
Crying out, for a friend, but nobody seems to care
There’s a rainbow in the cloud, there’s hero in the crowd,
You can lose that heavy load, if you choose the narrow road

(CHORUS 2) And if you can’t find your way home, you don’t have to walk alone,
Walk by faith, and not by sight, soon your burden will be light
Live in peace with those you love, set your heart on things above,
Where the angels dance and sing, as they’re worshiping the King

(BRIDGE) Another sunrise, nothing but blue skies,
Are waiting for you at the end of the road

(CHORUS 3) And if you can’t find your way home, you don’t have to walk alone,
Jesus walks with you each day, every step along the way
Heaven’s gates are open wide, calling you to come inside,
To a place to call your own, as our Lord says “Welcome Home!”



By Brandon Clanton,
and Ron Fryson

Copyright,2003 2- Minute Music


Written By: Clanton/Fryson


v1. - When all is said and done, it’s true,
I came to show My love for you
For you to live in paradise,
I have to die to pay the price

CHORUS - So I’ll just hang, I want the world to see Me,
I’ll just hang, I want your soul to be free
I’ll just hang, this is My destiny,
For you, I’ll just hang

v2. -This might be hard to understand,
But this is what My Father planned
I’ll shed My blood to wash your sin,
And in three days, I’ll rise again


BRIDGE - “Save yourself!”, I hear them yell,
“Come down from that cross!”
But I’m holding on, until My work is done,
I came to save the lost!




By Brandon Clanton,
and Ron Fryson

Copyright, 2004 2Minute - Music

Is This The Way To Heaven?

Written By: Clanton/Fryson

V1.- Someone please give me an explanation
`Cause I don`t know what`s going on today
If we can`t even love one another, why should the world believe a word we say?
(BRIDGE 1)- Can`t you reach out your brother?, and lend him a helping hand
`Cause that`s the only thing the world understands

(CHORUS) Is this the way to heaven?, or did we take a wrong turn,
I thought it was all about love, remember?
Is this the way to heaven?, when will we ever learn?
Jesus said it was love, remember?

V2.- Why are you so full of anger?,
It`s not right as far as I can tell
While you`re busy fighting with your sister, and brother,
The world around you is going straight to hell
(BRIDGE 2)- If you can`t speak the truth in love, then don`t say anything at all
The words you speak can cause someone to fall
(BRIDGE 3)-Take the plank out of your eye, when are you going to realize?
God`s only Son, gave you His love, so you can spread it around

V3.- I believe that we can make it better
I believe that we can start today, right now
We can make it if we pull together
Let`s show the world that Jesus is the Way, and the Truth, and the Life, alright now

(BRIDGE 4)- When you share the love of Jesus, you can shine like the Son
It`s time to take the cross to everyone!



By Brandon Clanton,
and Ron Fryson
Copyright,2003 2Minute- Music

Trials and Tribulations

Written By: Clanton/Fryson

Trials and Tribulations
v1.- Looks like another rainy day;
the sun is shining, but it`s cloudy in my soul
I don't know how I lost my way,
but I`m running in circles, spinning out of control
So many old temptations, pushing me, pulling me,
trying to make me stumble and fall
So many new frustrations,
keeping me bound up in chains,
with my back against the wall

(CHORUS)Trials and tribulations,
keep on coming, knocking on my door
So many situations,
Jesus please come help me to endure

v2.- So many people around me,
liars to the left of me, thieves on my right
So many problems around me,
only way I make it is to fall on my knees every night
Look at my own reflection;
I don`t like what I see in the mirror anymore
I need some re-direction,
I gotta get my eyes back on the Lord

v3.- Starting to feel much better,
I know the Lord`s in control every day of my life
Here comes that sunny weather,
God gives me all the strength I need to survive
Already growing stronger,
shielded by faith with the sword of the Spirit in my hand
I`m not afraid any longer;
Jesus is the rock on which I stand!
By Brandon Clanton,
and Ron Fryson
Copyright,2003 2Minute-Music


Written By: Clanton/Fryson


v1. When I have faith, Heavens are open, I’m walking with angels,
When I have faith

v2. When I have faith, mountains are moving, there’s peace in the valley, when I have faith

(BRIDGE) What have I to fear, God is here,
He is on His throne, I’m not alone

v3. When I have faith, dancing in God’s love, I sing a new song
When I have faith



By Brandon Clanton,
and Ron Fryson
Copyright,2004 2Minute Music

It's A New Way

Written By: Clanton/Fryson

It’s A New Way

V1. Just in case, you wonder why I changed
I’ve been born again, I’m not the same
(BRIDGE 1) And all the things that I did before, I won’t be doing them anymore
I once was blind, but now I can see

(CHORUS) It’s a new way ! Now that I’m walking with Christ
It’s a new day! Now that He’s given me a new life
It’s a new way! And now I’m praying for you, because I want you to live this new way too

V2. In this world, we live, it’s dark as night
Time for you to step into the light
(BRIDGE) I know the pain that your going through
But God has much better plans for you
And you just have to trust, and believe


(BRIDGE 3) The grace of God is an open door, and you’re the one that it’s open for
So why don’t you come inside today
This world is tearing your life apart, but God can give you a brand new start
And Heaven’s gates are just a prayer away




By Brandon Clanton,
and Ron Fryson

Copyright, 2004 2Minute Music


2003 - EP : "Trials and Tribulations"
2006 - C.D. : "DESTINY"
Coming Soon! : New EP !

Set List

The One
Is This the Way to Heaven?
It's a New Way
Lord Shine
Christ Is King
Let the Lord be Exalted
Trials and Tribulations
(other songs availabe)