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The best kept secret in music


"Albuquerque, NM"

Secret Agent Band -- Chicago punk band, Secret Agent Bill, hit Burt's Tiki Lounge tonight with clenched fists and hyperactive political punk rock anthems. And the occasional Irish drinking song about racism. Secret Agent Bill aren't your little sister's Good Charlotte, Blink 182 or any of that other food court shit. They're an actual punk rock band. Think New Bomb Turks. Think AFI. Think about buying a copy of Secret Agent Bill's self-titled debut album before you leave Burt's tonight. It's not like you had to pay to get in.
- Weekly Alibi

"All Ages"

Secret Agent Bill is the perfect blend of Red Hot Chili Peppers meets NOFX and Pennywise. The first few songs are decent, but it's the second half of this album that shines. Mixing influences from funk to punk to hardcore, Secret Agent Bill gives listeners a refreshing mix of punk rock. When everyone else was going emo these guys were evolving into a punk rock and roll band that has enough pop to make you tap your foot, but enough punk to make you watch your back. Good album and well worth your hard earned dollar if you like mid 90's Epitaph/Fat Wreck sounds.(JK)
- All Ages Zine

"Orlando FL"

Secret Agent Bill self-titled 24 Hour Records

Heavy funk-rock here, bordering on hardcore. Hardcore sans the screaming is another way to say it. It's a nice break from all the shit you hear on the radio these days. Fans of Pennywise will dig this. Kick out the mosh with "Sixpack!" (SH) [Sean Helton] - IMPACT PRESS

"New Orleans LA"

Over the past 10 years, the city of Chicago has produced more than its fair share of noteworthy punk rock acts, ranging from the self-proclaimed ìbizarroî sounds of The Blue Meanies, to the introspective and politically-charged songwriting of The Broadways, to the drunken rowdiness of The Lawrence Arms. Flying slightly under the radar, but no less deserving of mention, is the eclectic force that is Secret Agent Bill. After nearly a decade of rocking Chi-town and surviving at least one break up, the Agents have set out on several national missions as of late. The January 10th date marks their third New Orleans stop since last fall. After releasing a self-titled, full-length debut on indie label 24 Hour Records in 2004, the band has toured nationwide relentlessly, picking up new fans along the way. Secret Agent Billís sound, though inherently punk rock in nature, delves into a potent mix of influences. Fans of Irish-derived rock bands like Flogging Molly will feel right at home at this Secret Agent Bill show. One of the bandís better efforts entitled Invincibility, is an ode to lost friends that will no doubt lead some listeners to raise a pint of Guinness as they sing along. Secret Agent Bill, however, is no one-trick-pony. The band cites artists Frank Zappa, Ween, and punk rock legends Bad Religion as major influences. If this mix leaves you a bit confused, youíre not alone. As we mentioned earlier: Secret Agent Bill is an eclectic rock force. Their mission is one filled with danger and intrigue. And it might not remain a secret for much longer...- Travis Leblanc

- Six Ten Split


1998 Secret Agent Bill "War Against The Idiots" (out of print)
1999 Secret Agent Bill "Sick of Being Blind" (out of print)
2004 Secret Agent Bill (self-titled) Feat. 2 original songs with George Clinton (Available)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since 1995, Secret Agent Bill has made it their mission to break all boundaries in Rock and Roll. While the group proudly displays their Punk roots through sheer intensity, their taste for catchy melodies and hooks will have even the most jaded of critics singing along. Secret Agent Bill focuses on human social issues and cultural satire, and is known for mixing Punk and Alt Rock with Metal, Reggae, Funk, and Experimental music.
In 2003, the group released their breakthrough album, a self-titled release featuring 14 inspired tracks of melodic aggression. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member George Clinton is featured on 2 original tunes (“Nobody Knows”, “Smoke That”), which the band debuted onstage in Hollywood with Clinton and members of Parliament-Funkadelic for back-to-back sold out performances.
Several national tours followed, with the group playing nearly 200 dates across the U.S. in promotion of the 24 Hour Records release. Secret Agent Bill had previously toured the Eastern/Southern U.S. in 1999, but with a different lineup. The group’s earlier CD releases, 1998’s “War Against The Idiots” and 1999’s “Sick Of Being Blind” are both sold out and out of print.
In January 2005, Secret Agent Bill inked an endorsement with microphone and electronics giant Electro Voice (EV), adding to their list of endorsements with Washburn Guitars (U.S. Music Corp.), Everly Strings, Coffin Case, and D’Andrea Inc. December 2005 marked the group’s official 10th birthday (amazing, since the group’s oldest member is only 26). To celebrate their 10 year existence, the group performed at famed nightclub EXIT, which hosted Punk legends such as Social Distortion, The Plasmatics, and Naked Raygun in the 1980’s. Not to mention, 2005 saw S.A.B. appearing on bills with the likes of Streetlight Manifesto, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Exploited, Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Germs, Bouncing Souls, Suicide Machines, and many more!
The group is currently shopping around new material to labels for the follow-up to 2003’s “Secret Agent Bill” disc, and will release an EP of new material by Spring 2006.

•Endorsements/Sponsorships: EV Mics and Wireless Systems, Washburn Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Eden, Sound Tech, Everly, Coffin Case, D’Andrea, and Snarling Dogs

•Performed with: RIOT FEST 2005 (Local Headliner alongside Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Agent Orange, Suicide Machines, Bouncing Souls, Germs, Dickies, Lawrence Arms, Effigies, CH3, Angry Samoans, etc.), AFI (Dreamworks/Sony), Unwritten Law (Interscope), George Clinton/P-Funk (Various), Streetlight Manifesto (Victory), Good Riddance (Fat Wreck), The Exploited (S.O.S.), Blue Meanies (MCA), Showoff (Maverick), U.S. Bombs (Epitaph), Voodoo Glow Skulls (Epitaph), Rise Against (Fat Wreck), Murphy’s Law (Artemis), New Bomb Turks (Epitaph), River City Rebels (Victory), Far (Epic), The Flys (Hollywood),The Tossers (Thick), Spring Heeled Jack (Moon Ska) etc…

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