Secret Cities

Secret Cities

BandRockAlternative a sonic assault filled with youthful energy and the technical knowledge to impress the masses. Spawning from legendary punk outfit xbxrx, SC has wowed audiences all over the Gulf Coast with their sing-along compositions and high energy performances.


Featuring former members of Polyvinyl Records band xbxrx, SECRETcities formed in 2008. The members brought together their unique playing styles, high energy live shows, and melodic vocal patterns to form a musical force. Drawing comparison to Unwound and Fugazi, SECRET cities has matched their intense live shows with quirky, sometimes unbelievable song patterns, thus setting them apart from the masses.


2009 - Self Titled LP
Availabe on, iTunes.

Set List

Set list generally includes 7-10 original songs, averaging 30 minutes in length.