Secret Fires

Secret Fires


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Secret Fires formed in the fall of 2006 with the agenda to perform sincere and stripped-down Rock and Roll music influenced by the finest deviants of the genre’s checkered past. Travis Sargent howls over a driving back-beat provided by Dallas Thompson (drums), Stefan Duret (bass) and James Stewart’s damaged guitar lines. Secret Fires bridge the gap between slash-and-burn punk rock, dirty blues, and 60's pop. It’s honest and urgent music that harkens back to the sounds of the Birthday Party, Replacements, Wipers, and Black Flag–Rock and Roll in it's most stripped down and primitive form.

Secret Fires formed from the ashes of some of Edmonton’s best and brightest: The Wolfnote, Fractal Pattern, The Last Deal, and totheteeth/tothehilt. Bands who collectively toured North America, recorded several full lengths and ultimately imploded before you had a chance to remember their names.

With a handful of scrappy demo recordings making their way onto local radio charts, the band was profiled for Radio-Canada before venturing south into the hostile climes of Calgary for a few days of recording. I Only Want What I Can’t See was recorded live off the floor to 2” magnetic tape over a two-day session punctuated by rainstorms and allergy meds. The result is "...the finest record in their musical careers …it's got that early 80's punk style that you don't hear enough of anymore." [Beatroute Magazine--Best of 2007].” “Aggressive, messy and seriously fun…the more you hear, the more you want.” [Edmonton Sun, 2008]

Playing to sold-out crowds at all ages show and seedy bar alike, the band has also been found performing at art galleries, dirty basements and even a small town Alberta Junior High school, playing a surprise show when DJ’s refused to show up at the school dance for less than a grand. Secret Fires have shared the stage with the likes of Fucked Up, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, Ladyhawk as well as the best and brightest in every Western Canadian city they’ve visited thus far.

"Secret Fires specialize in revitalizing the attitude and sounds of some of the greatest icons of punk rock–a welcome arrival in a scene dominated by arm-crossed, tweed-sweater-wearing Hipsters. Punk isn't dead, folks; it's just having an identity crisis. Secret Fires are the slap in the face."
--Eamon McGrath, SEE Magazine, 2007

“Secret Fires are loud, pure, unadulterated punk rock -- not a single drop of either that fluffy emo stuff or over-produced pop”
--Francois Marchand, Edmonton Journal, 2008


Split 7" w/ The City Streets. (Movies Are For Retards)
I Only Want What I Can't See - Full Length

Set List

We usually play 30-60 minutes; 10-20 songs.
Song List:
I Surrender
She Takes Her Time
Travis vs. The Truth
Puget Sound
One Horse
A Hundred Hearts
Black Swan
Drug Front
Highway Creep
Baby, I'm A Rat

plus 10 new songs Title TK. We also have about 10 covers ready to go if the mood strikes us.