Secret Handshake

Secret Handshake


Secret Handshake is a neo-hip synth rock band that combines the lyricism of sigur ros with the sensibilities of The Postal Service with a hint of Brit pop like Radiohead.


Secret Handshake uses a unique songwriting style; complex harmonies, catchy melodies, electronics and syncopated rhythms make for a brand of sound not totally like any other. The countertenor/tenor voice of Inman who can easily sing a high C, is hauntingly beautiful and is sometimes reminiscent of early music straight tone singing. The electronic vocal and keyboard effects make for an interesting contrast to the singing style. The harmonies and changes in the music, previously found only in composers like Wagner and Prokoviev (and typically not in pop/rock) are coupled with catchy melodies and simple lyrics and presented in a palatable way.


Ghost Towns

Written By: J. Mark Inman

I'm Numb...
Number 9...

There's a million different ghosts around
In a million different ghost towns
one of those ghosts by the name of Jost
is never gonna let me down


can't even talk I don't know how to think
my mind keeps on racing faster faster than you can blink
i can never get it right, i don't have the time
im always jumpuing from here to there


I'm a good man.
I'm a bad man.


Secret Handshake will be releasing their first CD entitled "Never Come Down" in September.

Set List

sets are 35-45 minutes we have 16 songs, 15 original and one cover of the Beatles "A Day in the Life"