Secret Jones

Secret Jones

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

Secret Jones can rock any crowd either with his full traveling band, his DJ or with an ipod. He has a truly commanding stage presence and an acute sense of direction musically.


The name Secret Jones is not just a name, it’s a statement. Not being one to talk much about his life and experiences in person, he shares it all with the microphone instead. Jones’s music, much like himself, is very hard to put a label on. Is it hip-hop? Absolutely. But in what genre of hip-hop do you categorize it? Southern rap or New York hip-hop? East Coast or West Coast? An artist is often influenced by the region in which they live because it directly relates to how they experienced the world. Secret Jones, however, didn’t experience the world in one place. Born in Europe, and then moving to the United States in his early childhood, Secret Jones has lived down south, up north, and on both coasts of this country. The result of such an upbringing is a musical style that is just as eclectic and diverse as his background. His musical influences range from the classic soul artists of the 70’s to modern rock artists of the new millennium and everywhere in between. If asked to describe his style, Jones would reply with a non-descript “I make music.” Secret Jones paints his thoughts on a variety of different canvases, but there is one common theme in all of his songs. He writes what he feels, when he feels it, with no hesitation or compromise. What you listen to reflects exactly what he felt when he first heard the music that his lyrics are now laid over. Secret Jones’ music is art and expression in its purest form.


"The Days" -- Winter 2011