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So who the hell is Secret Of Boris, you say? They might just be the biggest thing in metal for D/FW, thats all. This manic four-piece is creating some of the most original and creative heavy music youll hear anywhere. Think System Of A Down meets Incubus at a party hosted by Gravity Kills. Guitarist Taylor Walding, vocalist Cameron Taylor, bassist John Weiss and drummer Ryan Scherschell use traditional heavy riffs, modern vocal harmonies and screams and textural keyboard/synth sounds to craft their style. Songs like Cant Wake Up, Voices, and the bombastic highlight, Solution will wow you with their uniqueness as much as their musicality. If you think I'm exaggerating, pick this disc up for yourself. It is as good, as fresh and as powerful as anything out there, signed or not. Simply put, SOB is anything but. -Kevin White - Harder Beat Magazine

"Irving Band Surviving Slugfest to BFD/Crüefest 2009"

Secret Of Boris harness the European power of bands such as Meshuggah and In Flames, along with the lush keys and ethereal work of such rock luminaries as The Cure. A deviation from the standard four on the floor hard rock bands of the area, and a they could add a very aggressive and original sound to an otherwise very crude mix of glam rock, meat and potatoes metal and some otherwise forgettable sounds. -Justin Press -


Your Ghost
{Available Late Summer 2010}
- Recorded by Alex Gerst & SOB.
01 Virus
02 Desert Blood
03 Something Else
04 Retro [Played on Dallas's 102.1 KDGE]
05 From Now On
06 Fall Down
07 What You Became
08 The Difference
09 Slumbering Giant
10 What Have You Done [Played on Dallas's 97.1 KEGL]
11 The Watcher
12 Drowning
13 Lost In A Daze
14 Your Ghost

The Palmyra Demos (2007)
{Available free directly from the band's website}
- Recorded by Sam Taylor & SOB.
01 Fall Down
02 Retro [Played on Dallas's 102.1 KDGE]
03 Just As Well

Nothing Ever Works (2006)
{Available at shows & on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon}
- Recorded by Larry Summers & SOB.
01 Tolerance
02 Can't Wake Up [Played on Dallas's 102.1 KDGE]
03 There Is No Way [Video shot by Normando Flores, available on YouTube & Vimeo]
04 Low
05 Kill
06 Voices
07 Hideaway
08 Moment Of Silence
09 Now + Then
10 Solution
11 The End

Songs You Can't Stand (2003)
- Recorded by Ryan Scherschell & SOB.
01 Deciballs
02 Voices [Played on Dallas's 97.1 KEGL]
03 Pills
04 The Weight
05 Unafraid
06 Moment Of Silence
07 Might As Well



Who is Boris? This question frequently surrounds the Dallas, TX based heavy, electronic rock band Secret Of Boris. Much to the answer seeker's dismay, the only answer most people get from the band is, "Well, that's a secret isn't it?" While they may not get the answer they want, what an inquirer will definitely hear is a sound that is both, heavy and haunting; catchy yet progressive; beautiful one minute and damaging the next. What they will see is one of the most energetic and emotional live shows that will stand the test of time.

Secret Of Boris, which consists of drummer Ryan Scherschell, singer/guitarist Cameron Taylor, guitarist/programmer Taylor Walding, and bassist John Weiss, have been playing in some incarnation since 1999, and more recently have spent the last year honing, crafting, and perfecting the sound they have long sought after. All the hard work and countless hours of writing and playing have payed off and cultivated into their most recent full length recording with Harder Beat producer/engineer of the year Alex Gerst (Seasons After, Fair To Midland, Slow Roosevelt). Soon to be released, the album features fourteen songs of emotional intensity. "There's definitely something for everyone on this album. I feel there are songs that will appeal to the dance floor as well as the mosh pit," beams singer Cameron Taylor.

The band has played a countless number of live shows around the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and many shows in surrounding cities and states, gaining a steady following of loyal fans who understand and appreciate the band's unconventional rules. Cameron Taylor: "We all love Pantera, but being from Dallas everyone expects you that you will sound like Pantera, and honestly, a lot of traditional metal bands around aspire to be that. We went a different direction. When we play 'metal fest' type shows, it's metal, metal, metal all day long, and when we go on, that's when the girls show up, which is great. And we're not up there playing easy money sappy love songs. We're playing heavy music, but with a huge focus on melody and emotion, and an occasional dance groove."

Despite the uphill battles the band has faced at times through member changes, internal arguments, and choosing to play music by their own rules, the future looks bright for Secret Of Boris. Fans are growing faster than they ever have, and the response to select few people who have heard the brand new record has been undeniably great. The band is currently looking for the right major/independent label to help bring the band to the next level, and beyond.