Secret Police

Secret Police


Fresh sounding and charismatic 3 piece band with influences from Foo Fighters, Feeder, Smashing Pumpkins and early Husker Du. Music best described as infectious, radio friendly and driven by powerful gravely vocals. Their stage performances are energetic, lively and engaging.


What happens if you take three people with very different musical influences and squeeze them into a band ? Then add Peter Mullins' uncanny penchant for melodies and lace it all with his carvenous gravely vocals. Music lovers and reviewers have been calling it "fun", "original", "fresh", "charming". We call it Secret Police. Hotpress said this about their last single "This is genuinely original stuff, delivered with a gravely vocal and impressive musicianship".

Based in Limerick, Secret Police is a rock band whose music is comparable to a wired up Smashing Pumpkins, fueled by the influences of Foo Fighter, Guns and Roses, Muse, Zeppelin, just to name a few! Their songs are tales of love and losses, lust and longing, spliced to lively, energetic, mass consumable tunes for your everyday consumption.

The band was formed in early 2006 but the current line up of the band has only existed since late September of 2006. During their short time together, Secret Police qualified for the quarter finals of Murphy's Live 2007 in February 2007, released a top 40 single in March 2007. and played more than 50 'original' gigs all over the country in the course of the last 12 months. Constantly horning their stagecraft, the band has gained a reputation for engaging and energetic live performances.

Secret Police are not here to reinvent the wheel, break any mould or distil any great truths. They are writing life's propaganda and coupling them to infectious tunes. Their live performances are their statement of intent; they are here, to entertain.

Secret Police are :
Peter Mullins (vocals/guitar)
Colin Deane (Bass/vocals)
Greg McCarthy (Drums/Percussions/vocals)


Singles: Bootie Call (march 2007)

Set List

Set list is approximately 1 hour long.
1. Apology
2. Rathkeale
3. So Joe
4. Body on my bed
5. Bootie Call
6. Losing
7. Idolise
8. Emotional Rage
9. Into the sun
10. Space Cadet Dave
11. One Night Stand