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"Bootie Call Single Review"

There’s something oddly appealing about a rock band from Limerick writing song called “Bootie Call” and thankfully the actual record matches the prospect. This is genuinely original stuff, delivered with a gravely vocal and impressive musicianship - Hotpress

"Bootie Call single review by Guitar Lab Magazine"

Secret Police is a rock band from Ireland with one single, the soon to be released Bootie Call. Because they are from Ireland, I am not sure whether they meant to spell "bootie" incorrectly--their spelling differs from the usual "booty call". Secret Police's sound is very original, with a late 1970's/early 1980's guitar and bass. Vocalist Peter Mullins has a gravelly voice that sounds like alternative superstar Bob Mould. Overall, their first song is entertaining with an anthem like chorus. There's nothing very deep or archaic about their music, only charm and chorus. Secret Police's edge is that their music is not overly ponderous, nor is it the typical overproduced fluff that passes for alternative music nowadays. My one complaint is that the vocals need to be brought up in the mix as they have been buried under all those guitars. If their first release Bootie Call is any indication, Secret Police has great potential for a large cult following in Ireland and beyond. - Guitar Lab Magazine (Korea Ed)

"Bootie Call review by Frequency Ireland"

"Bootie Call is an infectious rock track in itself - loud, melodic and quite anthemic, and although I've a tendency to dislike the more macho-rawk side of rock vocals, this it powered forward by the gravely vocals of front-man Pete Mullins impressively, in a way that gives the song and the band a signature well worth shouting about." - Frequency Ireland


Singles: Bootie Call (march 2007)



What happens if you take three people with very different musical influences and squeeze them into a band ? Then add Peter Mullins' uncanny penchant for melodies and lace it all with his carvenous gravely vocals. Music lovers and reviewers have been calling it "fun", "original", "fresh", "charming". We call it Secret Police. Hotpress said this about their last single "This is genuinely original stuff, delivered with a gravely vocal and impressive musicianship".

Based in Limerick, Secret Police is a rock band whose music is comparable to a wired up Smashing Pumpkins, fueled by the influences of Foo Fighter, Guns and Roses, Muse, Zeppelin, just to name a few! Their songs are tales of love and losses, lust and longing, spliced to lively, energetic, mass consumable tunes for your everyday consumption.

The band was formed in early 2006 but the current line up of the band has only existed since late September of 2006. During their short time together, Secret Police qualified for the quarter finals of Murphy's Live 2007 in February 2007, released a top 40 single in March 2007. and played more than 50 'original' gigs all over the country in the course of the last 12 months. Constantly horning their stagecraft, the band has gained a reputation for engaging and energetic live performances.

Secret Police are not here to reinvent the wheel, break any mould or distil any great truths. They are writing life's propaganda and coupling them to infectious tunes. Their live performances are their statement of intent; they are here, to entertain.

Secret Police are :
Peter Mullins (vocals/guitar)
Colin Deane (Bass/vocals)
Greg McCarthy (Drums/Percussions/vocals)