The Secret Samurai

The Secret Samurai

 San Diego, California, USA

The Secret Samurai is a three piece instrumental surf music trio hailing from San Diego, CA that combines reverb-drenched surf music with Morricone-inspired anthems, middle-eastern/asian influences, and rockin' bombast.


The Secret is out! The Secret Samurai is a high energy instrumental surf rock trio from San Diego, CA. Formed in 2005, their music combines Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Latin, and Asian influences with surf rock to create some of the most original and compelling music in the genre today. The trio consists of wiley vetrans of San Diego's independent music scene (including members of Surf Report and Big Tension.)

The Secret Samurai work the antipodal influences of passionate Spanish guitar and frenetic Japanese Eleki into a heavy and aggressive trio sound. This is not Gidget's surf music, but an evolution of Dick Dale's crunchy Middle Eastern melodies. The Secret Samurai released their second CD, "Zanshin" earlier this year.

The band released their debut CD, GUN-SHO-GUN, in 2008. Their highly anticipated sophmore album, Zanshin, produced by Dave Klein (Agent Orange, The Bomboras, The Ghastly Ones) was released in March of 2011. They have opened for surf rock luminaries such as Laika & The Cosmonauts, Agent Orange, The Space Cossacks, and Daikaiju.

Witness the shape of surf to come...


Zanshin, 2011