Secrets Between Sailors
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Secrets Between Sailors

Bloomington, Indiana, United States | SELF

Bloomington, Indiana, United States | SELF
Band Rock Avant-garde




"Live show review: SBS @ the Melody Inn - Indianapolis"

"...SBS played a relatively short but powerful set, unleashing their raw but well-arranged rock and roll upon a nice-sized and eager Melody crowd, most of whom were standing by the time the band went on. Next, they played “Sundowner,” a punkier track that makes especially nice use of the trumpet by Andrew Hartman..." - NUVO

"Review: Secrets Between Sailors debut LP"

"The debut album by this Bloomington, Indiana four-piece explores an interesting niche between tuneful classic rock and post-hardcore aggression. The big guitar chords and the manic drums seem to come from early 70's-era Who records, but the shouty vocals are firmly rooted in the Rollins/Mould/MacKaye tradition [...] the band's raw talent and passion comes through enough in their music that you can look past those faults and give them the benefit of the doubt. There's plenty of potential here for the band to build upon." - Losing Today

"RR: Secrets Between Sailors - "Secrets Between Sailors""

"Nice, direct, raw pop/rock. The guys in Bloomington, Indiana's Secrets Between Sailors play loud guitar-driven pop/rock with plenty of punch. More than any other band, the songs on this album bear a strong resemblance to early albums from The Who...although we can also hear traces of Husker Du creeping in as well. These fellows pepper their tunes with big power chords...and the rhythms throb with precise intensity." - BabySue / LMNOP

"Record review: Secrets Between Sailors - Self-Titled"

"Sometimes you just need a little rock and roll. Indiana's Secrets Between Sailors sounds like a midwestern band. From the late 70s or early 80s, perhaps, but midwestern nonetheless. Chunky chords, raspy vocals and plenty of volume." - Aiding & Abetting

"Record review: Secrets Between Sailors - "Secrets Between Sailors""

"Melding big-ass guitar riffs with wiry rhythms and hoarse vocals, SBS comes across like a tense but fruitful collaboration between Neil Young and Mission of Burma—loud, distorted, melodic, groovy." - The Big Takeover

"Record review: Secrets Between Sailors, "Now, Hear This!""

"Now Hear This! is a big, guitar-heavy, drums-forward album, so you don’t automatically expect it to be as lyrically rich as it is: you’re too busy trying to process the fat riffs, the solos, the pace changes, the punchy drum work. You’re also trying to figure out if lead singer Kyle Burkett is in as much pain as it sounds like he is with his husky, pleading and sometimes angry vocals. And I suppose that’s the moment when you start listening closer to the lyrics..." - NUVO

"Record review: Secrets Between Sailors - S/T"

"...Secrets Between Sailors’ self-titled debut unleashes a raucous and vigorous brew of garage punk and pure 70’s classic rock, a mix of Husker Du and Thin Lizzy [...] This self-titled debut by Secrets Between Sailors is how rock is done, a cut above most other garage rock bands taking up valuable stage space." - Adequacy

"New Music Indiana: Secrets Between Sailors - "Now, Hear This!""

"Lyrically dark but not despondent, Now Hear This! won’t redeem your faith in humanity, but it will make you a believer in the almighty riff. Though long in the tooth in places, the record refuses to drag due to the relentless rhythm section of Maxson & Collins, whose work here shouldn’t go unnoticed even if the guitar interplay is the album’s focal point. A working-class band should be one that exudes honesty to a fault even when pushing ideas that don’t quite gel; and that’s what you get with Now Hear This!, a damn fine rock-and-roll record released in the year 2011. Wash your hands and be thankful." - Musical Family Tree


"Secrets Between Sailors" - 2009 - Self-Released
"Now, Hear This!" - 2011 - Hops Records



Formed in the Winter of 2005 by students studying music, art and literature at Indiana University, Secrets Between Sailors played their first show at a now defunct lesbian bar in Bloomington, IN. They quickly gained a reputation in the Midwest as a talented, high energy rock and roll band and were regularly compared to the Who.

They're first album, "Secrets Between Sailors," was recorded at Russian Recording by Mike Bridavsky and mastered by Bob Weston, of the iconic punk trio Shellac, at his studio in Chicago. The record was released in January 2009 and received excellent critical reviews. They embarked upon US tours in 2009 and 2010--highlights included GonzoFest, an annual festival in honor of the late Hunter S. Thompson held at the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland, as well as shows with Titus Andronicus, Wheat, Star Death & White Dwarves, Times New Viking, and Murder By Death among others.

"Now, Hear This!" was released in October, 2011 and as of this moment has already earned a four-star review from NUVO magazine in Indianapolis. A full fledged tour is currently being scheduled for March, 2011. Current live dates can be found on their official website--