Secret Service

Secret Service


This is Rock for the Fun of it!!!! Justice Naczycz brings the rock from Detroit to the River City and with Sid Selvidge (Big Ass Truck, Blood Thirsty Lovers), formed the best band in town to rock your pants off!


The Secret Service wants to rock you. They don't want to sell you a soda or an asymmetrical haircut. They're too old too be hip and too young to be jaded. Their 70's era classic rock antics are a throw back to the days before you had to worry about fashion to sell your record. Their stage act is full of rock and roll dramatics with everything from the over-the-top guitar solos, metal-style vertical bass playing, and a boa here and there. Although the act is not lacking in jest, it is lacking in artifice.


The Service Is Spectacular - Peabody Records

Set List

Performances are 45-55 minutes long.