Secret Shows

Secret Shows


Secret Shows are an alternative rock band with diverse mathy and groovy influences. If Incubus, Minus the Bear and Quantic Soul Orchestra had a child...we'd be it.


After a tumultuous three years of jamming and local gigging, Chris and Daf decided it was time to turn their instrumental side project, 'Audiogasm', into something real, accessible and most importantly, full time.

Without further ado, they began searching for a bass player to complete the musical unit, and after countless enquiries and auditions (read: two), an old friend of Chris' in the shape of one Catherine Crossley was called upon.

One minor motor-cycle accident later, Cat joined the band for a jam and it was obvious the trio was complete.

Queue frantic lyric writing and self promotion, gigs played and booked nationwide, a self produced 3 track EP and enough Drumstick Squashies to feed a small developing country...

Secret Shows emerged 8 months later with a small but dedicated Welsh following and a number of new musical friends all over the North West.

World Domination is not their intention; Secret Shows just want to make music, and play it to EVERYONE.


Two Track Sampler
Extended Play Pt. I -