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Secrets in Stereo

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Band Pop


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"Industry Reviews"

"We love it!!!" - Allison Thiel, Music Supervision Director, MTV

"I love the music!" - Darren Higman, Sr. VP of Music, Warner Bros. Pictures

"Good Stuff!" - Tamar Chammou, Music Director, Warner Bros. TV

"radio-ready pop" - itunes

"The second I heard 'Not Today,' I knew it was something I wanted to be involved in." - Nathan Walters of platinum selling, Atlantic recording artist, Plus One

"Secrets in Stereo, a project by Josh Ryan out of Nashville, proves that indie music doesn’t have to be sloppy, or ‘raw’, or quirky, or any other adjective usually associated with what we call indie music today. Secrets in Stereo lets us know that good indie music can actually be- dare we say- ‘pop.’ Whether it’s the anthemic “Not Today,” the One Republic-esque ballad “Happy,” or the Yellowcard pop-punk of ”All the Things I Hate,” the music is good…period. It’s polished, each song is well thought out and crafted, and the lyrics are universally meaningful. It’s unashamedly pop, and at the risk of getting blogged about by indie hipsters grousing the insanity of all things main stream (ironically most likely while carrying an iPhone and sipping a starbucks), i will unashamedly say that it’s great music that needs to be heard.” - TJ Stafford,

“Hooks galore! Nashville-based songwriter Josh Ryan and Secrets in Stereo know how to write ‘em, sing ‘em, play ‘em and package ‘em up for the MTV tween to twenties crowd. On the self titled debut release from Secrets in Stereo, Ryan and co-writer/producer Jason Collum, deliver some really punchy pop tunes. …the boys do know how to write a song, to that there is no doubt. They also know how to tap into the tricks of arranging to make the songs fun to sing along with and easy to dance to. I don’t see why these guys wouldn’t have a publishing contract in the near future.” - - MTV, Warner Bros, itunes, etc.

"Fan Reviews"

“OMG I love this song! THIS is soooo my style. I think I’ve found a new obsession…”

“gets around your brain and nestles there”

“This was a charming song with nice vocals and strong emotion. It gets into your head and stays there awhile”

“Chorus was cool and had me nodding my head along to the beat”

“I LOVE IT! I love his voice, and the song could be one of my favorites.. and the lyrics are an added bonus”

“Awesome! I like this song alot! Kudos to Josh Ryan”

“Love this song!!! Great lyrics, uplifting, awesome voice”

“Finally a track worth listening to. Great voice. The little guitar solo near the end seemed to fit just right”

“Can’t say enough good things about this one. Great vocals, fine lyrics. Got chill bumps during the bridge. This song has a yearning sensibility to it that is mighty fine.”

“I really like the lyrics, and can picture blaring it in my car”

“I’m digging it and the chicks will too. I imagine females falling all over this guy”

“This is one of my faves. He’s got a great voice and I like him better than those other guys in this genre that are on the radio actually”

“This for me was one of those songs that I just like and I can’t explain why - I just did”

“I like him very much and don’t even know him. I want to hear more from him. I want to know him. Alot of potential here”

“Nice voice, lyrics. The girls will like him”

“BEAUTIFUL song! The vocalist was amazing”

“This guy will go far. Radio friendly pop. perfect 11?

“cute — haven’t even seen him, but his voice and slide guitar is adorable, i’d put this on repeat”

“got the package approach – great voice, good arrangement, solid production – ready for the airwaves..”
- The Fans



"Not Today"
The Real World - Sydney (MTV), feature
Grey’s Anatomy (Disney), season 2 DVD
The Hills (MTV), feature

"Step Outside"
The Hills (MTV), feature
Engaged and Underage (MTV), instrumental
Exiled (MTV), feature
Jockeys (Animal Planet), feature

"Starting to Rain"
The Hills (MTV), vocal
Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!), vocal

"No Such Thing"
The Paper (MTV), instrumental
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), season 2 DVD
Three Rivers (CBS), TV promo
Quit and Go Home
Gym Teacher - The Movie (Nickelodeon), feature
Born in the Wrong Body: All in the Family (MSNBC), instrumental
Space Chimps video game (National TV spot), instrumental

Young and the Restless (CBS), feature
Engaged and Underage (MTV), feature
ABC TV Trailer (ABC), instrumental
Private Practice (Disney), trailer for season 1 DVD
Bring It One 5 (Universal), DVD with possible theatrical release, official artist for swiss clothing company, RODI
Ghost Whisperer (CBS), vocal
2009 AllState Sugar Bowl (Fox), instrumental

Grey’s Anatomy (Disney), season 2 DVD
Private Practice (Disney), trailer for season 2

"All the Things I Hate"
Shot of Love with Tila Tequila (MTV), vocal

My Super Sweet 16 (MTV), vocal

Bring It On (Universal), DVD with the possible theatrical release

The Real World - Brooklyn (MTV), instrumental
Dr. Phil Show (CBS), promo

"Take You Away"
My Super Sweet 16 Remix (MTV), vocal
Made (MTV), vocal

"Don’t Stop"
The Real World / Road Rules Challenge – Duel 2 (MTV), vocal

"Wrong Side of Yesterday"
The Real World / Road Rules Challenge – Duel 2 (MTV), instrumental

* This list contains only MAJOR placements, and does not include licensed work for smaller projects such as independent films, webisodes, online programming, etc.



We are only here on this earth for a blink of an eye...
make the most of it, and leave your mark. - Josh Ryan

To me... life is a book. And you can only hope it’s a novel rather than a short
story. It’s a narrative, persistently penned with each passing second. You’re the
author of your own story, and it can be about whatever you want. There are
only two parts you can’t compose... the beginning, and the end.

My name is Josh Ryan. And my book begins on a chilly January morning in Mississippi...

I was born the son of a teacher and a minister. Growing up in the small town of
Clinton... I learned about discipline from the teacher, and about morality from
the minister. I learned about love from both.

A large portion of the early chapters of my life took place in the church. It was
here I found God, grace, and music, although early on... the howl of the organ pipes
resonated in my head more than the sermons did. And it was in these chapters
that I uncovered the power of music.

Flipping ahead... the high school chapter. Like many other people’s books, some
of the content in this chapter was great... some, not so much. Through all the
ups and downs of this period, one significant event rose above the rest, and
changed the direction of my book. I became a part of the performing group,
Attache’ showchoir.

We were, by far, the best in country at what we did. Over a five-year period,
this group produced 7 major record deals. Not to mention numerous
professional musicians and performers. Attache’ alum include Lance Bass of
N’SYNC, and Keith Carlock, drummer for Steely Dan and Sting.
This experience taught me what hard work was, and what it meant to be a
professional. But most importantly... it was in this chapter I realized the power
of the stage.

Next in my story... were my college years. This stretch is the most memorable part of
my book so far. I joined the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, and eventually became
president of the organization. It was in my interactions with this group of people
that I learned how to depend on others, as well as lead them. I was taught about
confidence and humility... and the importance of both. It was in these pages that I
was introduced to who I was as a person. And most importantly... I discovered the
power of one.

In the latter part of this college chapter... I not only found what defined me as a
person, but also found out what the rest of my book was suppose to be about. I may
have gotten my degree in marketing... but my first love was music and performing. I
realized it was the reason I was put on this earth.

Over the next few years, I traveled between Mississippi and Nashville, where my
older brother, Jason, had established himself as a well respected musician/
producer/songwriter. It was in those years, I journeyed down the bumpy, and
sometimes humbling, road of developing as a songwriter and an artist. Pop music was not Nashville's flavor of choice. It still isn't. And I knew that. I wanted the challenge, and I got one. But, I also wanted to stand out. And I did.

In the summer of 2006... my guitar, my Mac, and I made the move to Nashville.
Excited... of course. Scared... a little bit. Ready... definitely.
Understanding the power of the individual, the power of the stage, and the power of
music... a new chapter has begun. And I do enjoy writing it.

Secrets in Stereo is the character's name now. And, "progressive pop" is his sound. Progressive Pop is made up of lyrics with substance and ahead-of-the-curve production concepts, while maintaining infectious radio hooks. Think of me and my sound as a more grown up, male Avril that connects with today's twenty-somethings. Interesting, huh? This sound comes from all the experiences found in the preceding chapters of my book, but it is just the first entry into my definition as an artist.

Why the name?

First, I felt like the music that I was creating was bigger than me, and I didn't want to be confined to the solo singer/songwriter mold. And also, It's always fascinated me that as songwriters we lay out all of our most well guarded thoughts and insecurities for the world to hear and judge. When I perform, or my song is playing on the TV or radio... I'm telling all my secrets to whoever will listen.

During the Secrets in Stereo chapter, I have released 3 projects in the last two years. My debut album had only been out 6 months before all 10 tracks had found their way onto TV shows like Grey's Anatomy, The Hills, and The Real World. The second, The Acoustic Sessions, was a video and audio release of acoustic performances of the debut album. And the third, just released in January '09, is an EP entitled Wrong Side of Yesterday. To date, all 15 songs released have been featured in TV, Film, and Advertising. Over 60 placements to be exact.

These releases have consistently b