SECRETSOUT is a unique band that has 4 very different characters from various cultures of musical style and background. Each song tells a story of love, life, and sadness. All 4 members of the band are involved in the writting process of each song.


It takes 4 completely opposite individuals to create perfect harmony in the midst of chaos.....""secreTSout"". Every so often a band comes along that sets the ground work for a new genre of music. We do not claim to be such a band, yet we will say our song writing philosophy is to be as spontaneous & unconventional as possible. Most importantly, to give ANY musical boundaries the finger!!! In other words.. "IT'S HOT BITCH" *****We never stay within the lines of conventionality. I guess you could say we love to be "different". secreTSout


We currently have a 3 song demo that is released to the public for FREE........

1. Another Piece
2. Don't Belong

All 3 songs are posted on myspace and have been well recognized by music fans.

Set List

SECRETSOUT currently has 12 original songs.
The band can play from 30 minutes up to an hour show, this all depends on the venue or festival.
We bring in and catch the attention of many types of cultural music fans into our style of music.

Music List:

1.Hold On
2.Don't Belong
3.Trin Song
4.Another Piece
5.Drew song
9.Half Minute