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Being born a 70's baby, and coming from a family of 4, Section 8 has had his share of Reaganomics. Having been raised in a one parent home, glorifies the gift of knowing how to Hustle and Grind. After losing his father to bank robbery attempt where his father took his own life, Section 8 had to realize at a young age that he would have to stand up and be counted. Not having the luxury of a male role model, you would guess he went down a couple of wrong roads and eventually landed in a ditch or 2 and dropping out of school to work wouldn’t be a helper either but you do what you have to do to survive. Coming up through the years prove that he could handle anything, from working the streets to working in the legal sector, either way it goes that dude can roll with the best of them and take a lick to boot. Stealing became a close friend, when he had to experience the times when his mother couldn’t provide the things that other children had, such as a pair of Jordans, in which he stole a pair from another dude while in middle school, then a pair of Girbauds from the gym in Mayfair East Park. After a marathon of sticky fingers, he was soon introduced to selling weed to get what he wanted and that aspect of his life proved to show no limits, as to where he would even sell in school while attending Tara High in Baton Rouge. With a quick intervention from the woman who gave birth to him, he was about to follow in the footsteps of his late father, by staging a robbery with some co-workers, of whom he worked with at a local superstore retail chain, if it had not been for her, no one would even know the name Section 8 or his music. Now we all have had or ups and downs but a lot of people can agree that going without is something but going without food is a tragedy. I remember he told me that one night, while at home in Valley Park, he, his mother and younger brother were hungry and without no food in the house, he left out on foot with just a few dollars in his pocket headed for McDonalds, and just before he got there he found a five dollar bill on the ground, and he knew it right then that God had provided a way for his family to eat even if it were just some hamburgers and fries. It wasn’t until learning that he a gift to write short stories, that he soon realized that he could write songs as well and thus the journey begun. And it took him a few years to develop his craft and learn the business. After a stint with another company in Baton Rouge that didn’t prove to help his career Section 8, went out on his own to learn about the music business and then in 2002 he started N.S.M.G. which stands for New South Music Group. With influences from all the greats of southern music from U.G.K., Outcast, Rap-A-Lot, Scarface, The Ghetto Boys, So So Def, and other talents such as E-40, Too-Short, 2Pac, Ice Cube, N.W.A., Ice-T, Biggie Smalls, and list of others, Section 8 will be a good addition to Southern Music Scene!! !!! Start Code To Apply Top Banner !!!!