Sector 7-G

Sector 7-G

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Aggressive Rock, with often comical & philosophical twist, The music is full of dynamics, & catchy blend of musical styles.


In 2008, Aaron and Dennis began as a two piece playing shows throughout Las Vegas. From that beginning, they've always had a great crowd response, but something was missing. They later brought on Ryan, Aarons' little sister, a talented, funny bass player who was the perfect fit. Now a three piece with a comical twist, Sector 7-G leaves crowds satisfied and amused by their stage presence and musical performance. As young talented musicians, Sector 7-G thrives on professionalism and believes that the entertainment they provide is just as important as the music


Sector 7-G Radio Edited Demo 2009-2010 (Self Titled)

Set List

Fractured Take On Modern Life
One Too Many
Bird Eating Spider
(The Sun Comes Up For)Everyone But Me
It's Good To Own Land
Rocksprings Rapist
Subconscious Overdose
Beer Run
Society By The Screeching Weasels
Pink Gun By Butt Trumpet
Soul Jacker 1&2 by The Eels
Birds By The Eels