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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"SoundCheck Magazine"

SED - Scorz, Nashua, NH - 11/14/04

With songs like "Memory" and their first single, "Restless', expect SED to propel directly into the limelight of the local band scene. Comparisons to other bands arise but there is something different about this band and its simplistic approach to making rock music moving and ntrospective. Songs like "Might as Well" and "Candles" portray an emotionality of truth found only in those rare confessions of a rock band. Singer/Songwriter, Scott House's lyrics are incredible while they mostly cover the myriad of heartfelt emotions which make it obvious that he’s really feeling them. Each member of this 4 piece band brings to the stage an assorted array of sounds. Bassist Andrew Montgomery and drummer Danny Marques combine to give the crowd what they need to nod their heads to every song that they play. Andrews passion for the band is blatantly obvious with his incredible stage presence. Meanwhile, Danny is one of the finest drummers I’ve seen in a long time. Marcus Paquette, on guitar, will ultimately blow you away with his off the wall crunching sound. Scott adds his lyrics to this lunacy going on behind him while he feeds off of their energy and completes the sound to make any crowd go wild. The quad plays off of each other so well that it makes the music flow effortlessly and leaves you craving more. The emotion behind the music in this band is distributed in every show, you will be ultimately taken to another level of consciousness. I have had the chance to talk with each member of the band many times and IÕm pleased to say that even with the attention that they are receiving in only one year of production, they are extremely down to earth and open minded when it comes to their fans. This band puts blood, sweat, and tears into what they do and it will come back to them bigger and better than expected. Their music alone will get them to the top, but with their great attitudes to contribute, they'll be sure to stay on top. You can check out SED at ww.sedband.com or request
them on your local radio station.
-Jessica Morgan



Sept 12th at the Rockpile I finally got to see SED and meet the guys behind the music. SED went on next to last because of another band being late. But this did not discourage them from putting on a killer show. This was their 4th time playing the Rockpile, and they have played some of Boston's top venue's. The Middle East (downstairs), and Bill's Bar. SED'S music is definitely hard edged yet it don't spill over to the less than original hard core babble. The singer Scott''s vocals were strong but not over the top. He is a good frontman with a lot of energy that helps lead this band into an original category. The bass/drums is strong and has a solid foundation throughout their set. Marcus, SED's guitar player compliments their music with original notes and not just power cord driven metal. SED currently has a 7 song CD out called "Candles" that is well produced and honestly quite good. SED put on a great show and I am looking forward to seeing them again kick live. If you have not seen SED play live I would encourage you to go and experience a well disciplined, talented band perform. You'll have a great time watching them play.
- William F. Restuccia Jr.


SED's CD Candles.
"Restless" is repeatedly played on Rock 101 WGIR FM, Manchester, NH, and Boston Stations WBCN 104.1FM and WAAF 107.3FM.


Feeling a bit camera shy


In less than a year of existence SED has become one of THE Boston Bands. SED has created much excitement in Boston and beyond with their arsenal of well-written powerful songs and their exciting, energetic live show.
Here are some of SED’s accomplishments:
* Recorded and released a seven song CD entitled Candles. Sold out 2,000 copies within four months.
* Played nearly 100 shows across New England and New York City.
* The most requested local band on Rock 101 WGIR FM. Played the stations Xmas Party .
* Played the prestigious WBCN “Boston Buzzcut” on WBCN 104.1 FM numerous times, having won 3 days in a row many times.
* Played the NEMO music festival in Boston, MA in September 2003.
*Played the MEANY Festival in NYC at legendary venue The Continental in the East Village.
*Garnered RAVE reviews for both their live show and the songs on their 7 song “Candles” EP.
*Opened for such acts as LACUNA COIL (Century Media), to a sold out audience and DOUBLE DRIVE (Roadrunner).
*SED performed at the Manchester Wolves Tailgate Party on May 21st at the Manchester, Verizon Center.
*SED was selected to perform at the Annual ROCK 101 Sky Show on May 30th.
*This monster Rock 101 show was played before a reported 40,000 people. This was an all day blockbuster show.
In October 04 SED played before Sevendust at the Palace, In Saugus, Ma. and Nonpoint at the grand re-opening of Club 125, Bradford, MA. To contact SED e-mail us at sedrox@hotmail.com or our new website is http://www.sedrox.com