Heavy rhythm, ripping solos and a serious growl.


Five years ago, founding member Scotty J. had no idea the picture he was painting was going to be covering such a large canvas. “Honestly I never thought our songs would stream into such areas as California and Canada.” We started as a garage jam band in Waynesboro Va. and never really had the idea to be in rotation in any other areas outside the state but we never back down, so here we stand.
With a self- titled release being put out in the fall of 2002, the group watched their song “Dopebag” become a staple in the east coast underground music scene. We have actually walked onto stage somewhere we have never been before and heard people yelling for that song. Along with copies exceeding 2000 distributed, the CD has also landed Scotty full instrument endorsements with KXK guitar company.
In January 2006, Sedamentreous will be releasing a four song sampler titled “Givin”, recorded at Nothing But Noise studios. This recording will feature new front man Mike Vernon along with now bassist Craig Coyner. Mike, formerly from the band Lyman, brings an extra hard hitting energetic authority to the band in voice and in stage presence. Being one of central Virginias’ most sought after vocalist at the beginning of 2005, his choice was obvious when the vacancy was announced. Bassist Craig Coyner brings a multiple of talents to the table from song writing to instrument experience including guitar, keyboard and bass. Craig, having been in the band since March of 2003 as the rhythm guitarist. “Craig has done a lot for the band and has a great work ethic” states Scotty.
The bands goals for 2006 along with their new Sampler CD, are to be book more shows, possibly be a support act on a national tour package, and release a full length CD under a record label with distribution in the United States and in Europe.



Written By: Jordan/Vernon

The trumpet blows thirteen
Man on a mission
He’s got a high price suit
And a low budget attitude
C’mon help me now
They’re blasting Bon Jovi at me
And now the rapture has come
so the Christians done hit the skids

Knock it down and drag it out
This generation inside my head
All the signs point to the middle
I’m the one 2033

Change in your dollar
It’s world currency now
Here’s something that they want to do
Invade the sacred land
No one left to pay that bill
Anarchist and communist
Walk together in the burning sand
Till destiny dawns eternal death

(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)

Bathtub Methgal

Written By: Vernon

Drink my blood, taste my wine
Break my bones and suck me dry
My angel makes me suffer but the devil takes the pain away
Don’t let me hear those lovesick antics
Heartbreak bullshit
It ain’t in my kind
No it ain’t in my kind

Bathtub, methgal…the heaven or hell of things
Saw you in the grandstands just trying to get a glimpse of me
Caught my coat tail and you won’t let go
Now here we stand

Breathe my breath anchor my line
Tempt my gift, ride don’t hide
Your angel gives you comfort but this devil came to take it away
Don’t want to see your lovesick antics
Heartbreak bullshit
It ain’t in my kind
No it ain’t in my kind

She’s danger so watch your back
she never sleeps, so set your traps
Just to catch her in the act...full-blown sneak attack
Cut her off don’t cut her slack
No more arguments no more smack
Let her know and don’t hold back
draw the line Jack

(Repeat chorus)
The heaven or hell of things

Unpure and Unclean

Written By: Vernon

Spark ignition
Let the clutch out slow
And then pull that hammer
Don’t let them catch you smoke
I’m flying high
Right next to you
But I took the lead

A legend of a man from outside
But inside he was already dead…Unpure and Unclean
He too the High roads
Smoking in boat loads
And shooting like a son of a bitch…Unpure and Unclean

(Repeat chorus)
Unpure and Unclean
Outside of what you see
Unpure and Unclean


"Given" Released in 2006
"Sedamentreous" Released in 2002

From the self titled CD, Sedamentreous has had three of it's songs played on a regular basis on local station 91.9 WNRN Charlottesville, VA. These songs include "Leaving You", "Betrayal", and "Freedom". This has helped develop a strong local following and a buzz about the band and opened up many more opprotunities in a regional level.
Sedamentreous has developed a strong web presence by being a member of such online music sites such as,,, and which is currently being revamped. Each of these sites feature streaming audio from "Given" Songs such as "2033", "Bathtub Methgal", "30 Minute", and "Unpure and Unclean"

Set List

"Bathtub Methgal"
"30 Minute"
"Eat the Sun"
"Unpure and Unclean"
"It Ain't Missin'"

Sedamentreous normally only performs one set of original material ranging in duration from 25 to 60 minutes. The duration depends on the slot on the bill on whcih they are performing.