Word “sedef” signifies the inside of a pearl shell, imbued by luscious melody, free rhythm and a lyrical voice. If the band be the shell, their music stands for the pearly lustre, rising above the darknesses and gleaming through hope into a new faith.


Sedef first burst onto the vibrant live Balkan music scene in autumn 2004. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, their roots draw firmly from the unique musical heritage of the region where they have established a reputation for capturing a mixture of traditional Balkan themes and styles with a firmly contemporary flavour. Their primary stylistic influences, however, have continued to be drawn from the Sevdalinka tradition of Bosnian music. Sedef has released two studio albums to date: “Sedef” in 2007 and “Sewda” in 2010. They continue to play at concerts and festivals in Slovenia and across Europe (Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina).


Album "Sewda", published by Sanje, 2010
Album "Sedef", published by Goga Musica, 2007

Set List

1. Moj dilbere
2. Razbolela se mamina grivna
3. Cudila se aman ja
4. Na pr'jestolu sjedi sultan
5. Snijeg pade na behar na voce
6. Emina
7. Trca djeva
8. Izgrejala sjajna mesecina
9. Sejdefu majka budjase
10. Okladi se momce i djevojce
11. Konja kuje Dizdarevic Meho
12. U djul basci
13. Sto te nema