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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Grunge




"Local Spotlight: Sedge Live @ The Garrison Jan 2016 LIVE REVIEW"

The opening band takes the stage, the crowd mingles, half paying attention as the band gathers their instruments and begins playing to the filling room. The crowd is lingering at the back and more interested in finding coat check or getting in line at the bar before the line is too long. Often times, the band gives it their best shot and is overlooked until their name is the one in the headliner spot instead of classified under “special guest”. But every now and again you see a band like Sedge, that opens the show and draws the attention of everyone in the room. While they play their rowdy rock and make you wonder exactly who they are and where they’ve been hiding. It takes talent to silence to room and fill
Releasing their latest EP, Selective Reasoning, last August the band made an impressive follow up to their previous releases. Drenched in grunge the band has a solid sound and performs a high energy set. Surely, Sedge is a band name you’ll see popping up on more bills with good reason.

Check out some photos of their show last Saturday night at The Garrison and be sure to check out some of their music here. - Jesus' Sister

"I CAN'T BELIEVE MY EARZ "Selective Reasoning" Album Review"

SEDGE-Selective Reasoning

So, there is a way cool Toronto band, Sedge, who released ‘Selective Reasoning‘ in August 2015. The pop, punk, and grunge elements of this album are wonderfully interwoven. The songs deliver great melodies, way cool guitar riffs and solos, and dynamite changes & transitions. There are nice harmonies, layered over dynamic bass lines and drums that just don’t seem to quit. The use of feedback is wonderfully reminiscent of psych-rock, while the bridges, choruses and hooks are delightfully pop.

The album is melodic as hell, filled with tracks that incorporate several genres and themes into 1 song, and make it work incredibly well. Wonderful album. Wonderful band. Favorite tracks: ‘Running For Days‘, ‘On My Own‘, and ‘Up All Night‘ with its insanely good Beach Boys feel. Check it out here and then order yourself a copy or 2. A contender to be in the top 10 Indie Albums on the I Can’t Believe My Earz Indie Album of 2015. - I can't believe my earz

"Toronto's "Best Of 2015" Reader's Poll"

Cool 90's vibes from these fellas. Their album "Selective Reasoning" was released in August of last year. I hear some blue album Weezer, Age of Electric and Dandy Warhols influences. - The Deli Magazine

""Selective Reasoning" Review Canadian Beats"

Review – Sedge

December 15, 2015 Sarah Ballagh
By: Sarah Ballagh

Album- “Selective Reasoning”
Release Date – August 1, 2015
Download Link –
Genre – Alternative Rock/Grunge

Sedge are a fairly new group, forming in 2014, in Toronto, Ontario. They have already played at many well known Toronto concert venues, and have this year released their first full length album. I can most certainly hear the influences of the 90’s in their music, with some reminders of Veruca Salt, and Screaming Trees.

Most of the album features heavy rock riffs, and hard vocals. “Up All Night”, is the first slower track that shows up on the album. It is melodic, and quiet in comparison to the rest, and being halfway through is almost like a break from the typical rough grungy sounds. Many of the songs feature a very repetitive riff that runs for the majority of the song, with hard hitting drums and distorted guitar complete with angsty lyrics. The last song “Behind the fuzz” reminds me of a Weezer song at the beginning, in it’s stylings.

They sound like a band that would be full of energy on stage, and you would have to be pull off the high impact these songs make.

I see that the band is planning on releasing a Video in the next week, and also will have some news to share, so stay tuned for that on their Facebook page!

Connect with Sedge:
Instagram: - Canadian Beats

""Selective Reasoning" exclusive album review"

Toronto's Sedge formed last year out of remnants of various other bands, but they've solidified as a unit and are ready to unveil their debut full-length Selective Reasoning. Before it's officially out next week, though, Exclaim! is giving you the chance to give it an early listen.

It follows last year's Should I Kill Myself, Or Have a Cup of Coffee? EP and was recorded over a period of three months, beginning in December of last year. The record was cut with engineer Michael Fong and aims to capture the raw enthusiasm and energy of the band's live show.

Featuring in-your-face guitar riffs, pounding drums, sludgy bass and vocals that range from "delicate" to "primal," Selective Reasoning is a collection of straightforward, hard-hitting rock'n'roll. Drawing inspiration primarily from the sounds of the '90s and '60s, there are moments of fuzzed-out alt-rock ("Running For Days," "Broken Branches"), as well as more psychedelic runs ("Dead Peasants," "Up All Night"). - Exclaim!

"Tuesday Find: Sedge"

For those who like: grungy rock

Toronto's Sedge seem to have a direct line back to 1994.

Listen to their record, Selective Reasoning, here: - Snob's Music

"CMW 2015 Concert Review"

Good size crowd at The Bovine for this 5 piece punk influenced grunge band. Raw and vicious moments were provided and things got hot and heavy during the set. Great sound with energy to match. - TMAK

""Hide Behind The Fuzz" single Premiere"

An exclusive look at the single "Hide Behind The Fuzz" off the upcoming album "Selective Reasoning" out August 1st. - Punk News


Still working on that hot first release.



Established in 2014 by brothers James and Mitch Heron (guitar/vocals and drums), Sedge solidified their official 5 piece line up with the help of friends Brian Regan (bass), Rob Coffey (guitar) and Dean Crone (guitar). With a DIY attitude over the last few years, Sedge have played some of Toronto’s favourite venues, toured throughout Ontario, and branched out to Quebec and Montreal in the summer of 2017. Along the way, Sedge have been featured on multiple music platforms including live radio interviews and blogs, receiving great reviews everywhere they go. With two full length albums under their belt, multiple shows around Ontario, and being featured in numerous online publications - Sedge is a band that is constantly moving forward toward the next adventure. 

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