Theory: By song 3 good or bad, you typically know where a band's set is going to go. So you go to grab another beer. When you come to see Sedium, you try to get a friend to get a beer for you! Good luck!


Sedium by nature goes against many conventional ideals for what bands should be, or do, but by no means just for the sake of being oppositional to standards.

Sedium is about pushing variable limits of what is musically possible in one song/set/album. At the same time we attempt to blend these extremes as seamlessly as we can. The effect is somewhat like a roller coaster ride. It is also about visual psychology projected (literally). If the venue allows, we provide abstract original movie imagery during the shows. It is a subconsciously natural addition to the audio.
We strive to provide more for the audience. It is an ongoing process that we enjoy making and sharing with everyone!


Our debut album "Ein" is now available at iTunes & CDBaby.

Set List

Right now our sets usually run about 30 minutes to an hour depending on who we play with and where we play. We have so many songs we can easily adjust to any types of situation.
current set is:

Bird Chest
London's Burning
Jesus Bacon