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"Reviews / Sedium"

When determining whether or not a band is a fit for Gutter-Punk-Radio, I look at a few things. Does this band sound like every other pop punk band out there? Are their vocals strong and original? Does their music capture our attention? And I ask myself, “will I remember this band in the future and possibly crave a song of theirs while driving in my car, thinking back to a special memory, a sad time in my life or while drinking at a party?” A fairly new band to Gutter-Punk-Radio that sparked an interest to us is a band out of Dripping Springs, Texas, called Sedium. Bryan Ewing plays percussion, Jay Dunn is on bass and vocals and Brandon Ewing is on guitar and vocals.

For some single mothers, it’s just a way of life. A way to make ends meet, put food on the table, provide clothing and a decent life for her children. From another single mothers perspective, prostitution may be a vile way to treat your body and considered a disgrace to those who work hard for a living the legal and proper way to make ends meet. One song that comes to mind is P.F.S. by Sedium. P.F.S. stands for “Pussy For Sale”. This song starts off intense. It talks about a cousin who likes play dough. To be honest, I wasn’t sure where the song was going when I first heard it. As I listened, the song sounded like a story about a screwed up family who doesn’t have their priorities straight. It’s definitely not the kind of song you hear every day. Although I can not get into the minds of the artists who created this song, I think that it’s pretty intense, vulgar and appreciated by only a certain audience. Maybe an audience who does not understand what it’s like to live a “hard knock life”.

If you have gotten this far, don’t stop reading now. Although P.F.S. and Skank are my least favorite tracks on Sedium’s brand new album, Ein, The rest of their album is consistently good. After a long day of work, when you walk in your front door, kick off your shoes and run for the couch, I recommend popping Sediums album in your stereo and skipping to track 6. When I listen to “Toba”, I get vibes of accomplishment. Toba, starts off relaxing. For some, it sounds familiar, but I am not able to put a name on it. It’s familiar as if you have heard this song on the local radio station before. I can turn off the lights, lay down on my couch, close my eyes and drift away with a smile until my alarm startles me the next day to get my ass out of bed and rush to work again

My favorite song on Sedium’s album is “The Fence”. I like to refer to this song as the summer song. When I was younger, about 13 years old, my father lived on five acres of land in upstate New York with an incredible view of the Shawangunk mountains. We would go to the local market and get the freshest, local grown corn on the cob, N.Y. steaks, potato’s and then have a bbq out back. My father loved music and he would blare his five thousand dollar stereo system to the point where we were able to hear the music out by the pond. “The Fence” really reminds me of those summer days of barbecuing, having no worries in the world and just being free.

All in all, I think that Sedium’s new album release, “Ein”, would not just sit on your shelf and collect dust. You can honestly play one of their songs for almost every mood you are in. If you are mad at the ex-girlfriend, just pop in, “Skank” and even have a little humor with it. That track might make you feel better. On a serious note, Sedium is a strong band who just might become a band that most people are familiar with. - Gutter Punk Radio


Our debut album "Ein" is now available at iTunes & CDBaby.



Sedium by nature goes against many conventional ideals for what bands should be, or do, but by no means just for the sake of being oppositional to standards.

Sedium is about pushing variable limits of what is musically possible in one song/set/album. At the same time we attempt to blend these extremes as seamlessly as we can. The effect is somewhat like a roller coaster ride. It is also about visual psychology projected (literally). If the venue allows, we provide abstract original movie imagery during the shows. It is a subconsciously natural addition to the audio.
We strive to provide more for the audience. It is an ongoing process that we enjoy making and sharing with everyone!