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The best kept secret in music


"SeDiva...All Night, All Day"

She's got a hot body and a great face and in today's brand-conscious music industry that's usually enough to mega-merchandise you. Fortunately she's also got some chops to push her forward. Her R&B sound is dirty and sultry---both in the beats and her voice,which is as tight as her looks. The production is incredible and Platinum-worthy. You could easily picture this as Billboard-topping material for several weeks as it easily would make mega-stars like Beyonce scramble. Only 23, this San Jose native is sure to turn many, many heads her way.

J-Sin - Smother Magazine


All Night All Day


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born and raised in San Jose, California, SeDiva always thought about a career in Show business. "I dreamed about being in the music business, but I didn't dream about being a "SOUL TRAIN" dancer." laughs the striking beauty who graces the TV screen when the legendary show hits the airwaves each week. Now that her debut album "ALL NIGHT, ALL DAY", has been recorded and the HOT singles, "My PU**Y" and "I GET THIS FEELIN" is already making some serious noise, the girl who now calls Las Vegas home, soon will be on the main stage instead of the dance floor of "SOUL TRAIN"

At The age of 23, SeDiva has been through a lot of ups and downs in her life. Her Album is raw and personal. She has written from the heart as all talented artists do. "From traveling through life's experiences and feeling lonely in the world, I was lead to put some of my personal poems and experiences together to share with others," she openly explains. "In life we really never know what our future holds but we live through life going through so many changes and through these changes sometimes people are left looking for an outlet. I was, so I used my writing and singing as a healing tool to help and encourage me through hard times."

When times got tough, SeDiva would grab a pencil and her journal and put her thoughts on paper. "In meeting different individuals over the years and hearing different issues they were facing in their lives made me realize we all go through similar emotional experiences but with different scenarios."

Being in the game wasn't planned, however. Like most true-life stories, things just happen. SeDiva was thrown in the "Rap Ring" while waiting for a feature artist to arrive for a session to record a song she wrote. He never showed up at the studio, so SeDiva decided to do it on her own. Call it fate or call it destiny, the result was a new hip-hop princess steppin' onto the stage and into the game.

From that fateful studio session, "ALL NIGHT, ALL DAY" took shape. Full of real life experiences people can relate to, SeDiva's message is clear. Songs like "WATCH ME" recounts her experiences when times got hard and she was forced to strip to make ends meet, but like a champ she pulled through. "RHYTHM IN MY BLUES" is a catchy, infectious song about a relationship gone badly, although his persona keeps her thinking about him wrong or right. What female can't relate to that? "MY PU**Y" and "I GET THIS FELLIN" the first single release from the CD, is hard hitting with that Dirty South influence which, for once and for all, will let people know that SeDiva is a highly sexual person, and men and women alike cannot stop thinking about her.

Opening for the likes of TREY SONGZ, TRILLVILLE, GURIELLA BLACK and BONE THUGS-N- HARMONY have exposed SeDiva to a fan base that continues to mount and gain momentum.

"AnR Connections" have also tapped her talents as the host of their highly successful A&R showcases, which are held from Los Angeles to Seattle and beyond.

"If you want to know who I am and what I'm about, listen to the CD"

And no doubt scores of people will...All Night, All Day.