Put Foo Fighters, Deftones, NIN and a dash of Sufjan Stevens in a blender and you'll have a Sedzor.


We all like different music but all seem to have a common ground. Will loves a bit of THE LOCUST , Kev his NADASURF, Nelius his FOO FIGHTERS and Jamie his SUFJAN STEVENS. We think it's important that we don't all like the same music and try to emmulate that. We all like something from each others chosen style and when you bring everyones style together its SUPERFANTASTIC!


Work in Progress - Live Demo, available end July '07

Set List

100% original material

1. Chickenshit
2. Messiah Complex
3. Tease
4. Battle of the sexes
5. Waking Up
6. Evergreen
7. 2 Point 4
8. Get a room
9. Breaks